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February 28, 2018

Development for the people, by the people

UNION Minister for Border Affairs Lieutenant-General Ye Aung spoke to residents of Myayabon Township, Rakhine State, last week, saying the state is endowed with natural resources, and if local people and organisations utilise these resources under the supervision of the Union government, all of Rakhine state will develop.
He also said the government has placed special emphasis on making concerted efforts through mutual love and trust as well as on achieving national reconciliation. He encouraged regional authorities and local people to take part in the national reconciliation project, which is being spearheaded by State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi.
It is worth recalling that the president’s office has formed the central committee for implementing stability, peace and development in Rakhine State and four working committees: the security, stability, peace and rule of law working committee; the immigration and citizenship scrutiny working committee; the resettlement and socio-economic development working committee; and the United Nations organisations and international organisations co-operation working committee. These committees are now implementing their assigned tasks.
It would not be improper to point out that international development efforts have proved that success cannot be achieved without conscientious and concerted participation on the part of the local populace. Since development activities are implemented by the people themselves, their active and effective participation is indispensable. Therefore, political leaders cannot stay aloof from the people and must take great care to find common ground and assure them that development activities are being implemented for their own sake.
The Global New Light of Myanmar believes Rakhine state will inevitably develop through the use of its natural endowment with resources. However, stability, peace and the rule of law must still be restored through the unified participation of local people and organisations.


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