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June 24, 2018

Dermatologists furrow their brow at tattoo industry

A young man has his arm tattooed.
A young man has his arm tattooed.

WHILE the practice of tattooing is emerging as a ’cool’ ‘fashion statement’ among young people across the world the dermatological hospital in Mandalay has seen more than 100 visits from young people with skin problems relating their tattoos over the last seven months.
The dermatological department saw 134 patients between January and July with one dermatologist saying that the health hazards associated with tattooing are striking.
“It is not tattoos that can enhance how one looks,” the dermatologist opined, “but exercise. My advice is to do physical exercises to be attractive.”
Young men and women here and across the world are getting inked more regularly with a local clinical doctor stating many such people were high school and university students.
American health researchers interviewed 500 people with tattoos, 40 per cent of whom suffered skin irritation, itchiness and pain, while 10 per cent said they experienced skin risks for at least four months after the inking and 5 per cent faced bacterial infection.



Aung Thant Khaing


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