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February 21, 2019

Democracy demands responsibilities from civil servants

  • The contributions of civil servants are essential for those who have borne the responsibility of holding an elected office. The role of civil servants is becoming of even greater importance as Myanmar moves further towards a truly democratic system.
    Members of an elected government may come and go, but a government machinery with civil servants goes on forever. It is civil servants who enable the ship of State to maintain a steady course.
    Democracy demands responsibilities from civil servants. For establishing democracy in our country, the most important thing is for civil servants to be aware of their part of the responsibility and accountability. It is not just the responsibility of the elected government.
    To say that the success of a democracy is totally in the hands of government is oxymoronic, because democracy by definition is people-based.
    The policies of government are implemented by civil servants from the administrative, judicial and legislative sectors.
    Today, we are all getting a rare opportunity to transform from an old to a new system. Therefore, all civil servants should be proud of what they do, and of what they can contribute every day towards the realization of the aspirations of the country’s people for a peaceful, secure and prosperous future.
    At the same time, all should understand that they are at the assigned posts to serve the public and not to misuse their rights.
    They are to serve the people, be loyal to the State and follow the laws, rules, procedures and instructions.
    At the same time, they will have to follow the rules and regulations of their respective entities. All civil servants are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas for improving the efficiency of government processes, cutting administrative waste, breaking down inter-departmental and inter-ministerial silos, and enhancing the effectiveness of government as a whole.
    Care must be taken so that whatever they do benefits the State and the people.
    They are to respect and value the people and conduct themselves with fairness and according to the law.
    Civil servants are accountable to the government elected by the people, and must act with integrity, professionalism, intelligence and dynamism in delivering the government’s programmes.
    We would like to pay tribute to the civil servants, who today are working across our nation, often in challenging circumstances, not for recognition or personal gain or glory but simply to be of service to the public.


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