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February 26, 2018

Dawei factory owner concedes to payment demands of employees

A DISPUTE between employees and the employer at the Heinyan Fish Cold Storage Facility, located in the Dawei Special Economic Zone, have ended with the employer agreeing to pay 40 hours of overtime per month for a period of four months to employees.
The agreement of the employer came after a field visit was made to the cold storage facility on 13 March by the township’s Department of Labour, Employment and Social Welfare together with Yangon-based labour unions, after a complaint was made to the township Department of Labour on 10 March by factory workers, who said they received neither overtime, breaks nor days off.
“The owner will pay a total of 40 hours of overtime for each month of the period between December last year until the end of this March. He will also negotiate [with the workers] over issues relating to breaks and days off from work.” said Ko Aung Soe Naing, manager of the cold storage facility.
He also mentioned there would be consultation with relevant bodies over catering to other employee rights on top of a basic salary, with a new contract to be drawn up, which will be signed before the factory closes its doors for the Thingyan holiday period.
“We employees are satisfied [with the offer of our employer]. Just as he acted in a suitable manner concerning the death of our fellow worker, he will issue us the compensation we’ve called for,” said Ko Ngwe Toe Oo, a factory worker. The Department of Labour has issued a reminder to the factory owner to draw up new contracts for his employees before the factory closes for the Thingyan holiday period.
The Heinyan Fish Cold Storage Factory officially opened in Dawei in 2013 and has a workforce of over 70 employees. The intervention of a local police unit into disputes between employees and their employer earlier this month resulted in the death of an employee.—Myitmakha News Agency


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