July 04, 2017

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CSOs to play part in peace process

aaaCIVIL Society Organisations finished a two-day forum yesterday that focused on measures to develop the new government’s ‘21st Century Panglong Peace Conference’ and the implementation of the previous government’s Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement.
Ma Ran Jaw Gun, a member of the work committee for the Civil Society Organisation Forum, said that preparatory committees for the peace conference briefed their ongoing activities at the first day of the meeting.
On the second day, the Union Level Joint Monitoring Committee explained the extent of respect by both sides of signatories to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement. U Thwin Lin Aung of the Civil Society Forum for Peace (CSFOP), said they had to work against time as the Panglong Conference was expected to take place in August.
The political dialogue at the conference is reported to focus on five topics—politics, security, economy, social affairs, and land and environment. Civil Society Organisations will take part in the discussion of three topics, excluding politics and security.
“We want peace tomorrow if possible. The sooner, the better. We’ve doing our utmost to attain peace. The national development needs political stability, which in turn requires ceasefire, freedom from conflicts. Without political stability, the country will never prosper. They are all connected. We’ve not met with the State Counsellor yet,” said U yan Kyaw from Myanmar Political Analyst.
The inclusion of civil society organisations in the conference is to encourage community-based seminars and develop closer cooperation among them.


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