September 20, 2017

Creating a more sustainable future through education

When discussing education, the first thing that enters one’s mind is an image of children in a classroom. Most of us tend to overlook the importance of teacher education.
It should be noted that teaching in the 21st century has become a more challenging and demanding profession than ever before. Teachers must play a greater role in inspiring the students of post-millennial generation, who are in closer contact with new technologies, than any other previous generation.
Education activists have called for governments to place greater emphasis on improving their education systemsby employing competent teachers who can produce enthusiastic students.However, our education system is rife with educational malpractice associated with faulty assessment criteria.Teachers who enter the world of education with little preparation and passion are found to leave the profession quickly, but the damage they cause is not always reparable.
Nevertheless, teachers are still regarded as the greatest source of student empowerment for the simple reason that they are in a position to help learners develop critical thinking skills and widen their understanding of the world around them. Accordingly, teachers are the only people with the ability to make a big difference in how students learn.
It is therefore important for all teachers at various levels to value themselves and cherish their noble profession. Only then will they be able to create a more sustainable future through education.


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