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February 26, 2018

Continue to Strive in Unity

In all nations which have freed themselves from alien domination, the day of re-attainment of independence i.e. the day on which sovereign power was restored is designated as a national day.
In our case, 4th January, 1948 or the 9th Waning of Pyatho, 1309, Myanmar Era has witnessed Myanmar becoming free from under the yoke of the British-Indian Empire, who had dominated the country for more than a century after dethroning the Myanmar monarch through the use of force.
As this day is a day of political significance, all towns and cities big and small have independence monuments erected. In fact, independence was not attained easily. The eight major races – Kachins, Kayahs, Kayins, Chins, Bamars, Mons, Rakhines and Shans had to make supreme sacrifices including the loss of their lives and limbs to gain freedom.
It is, therefore, worth recalling on this day of 4th January that it is incumbent upon us all to preserve and protect our nation. This is the reason why Independence Day is celebrated annually throughout the entire union on an elaborate scale. On this auspicious occasion, people gather at the independence monument grounds, pay respect to the union flag, express words of commitment to preserve, protect and perpetuate the union, celebrate with music, dance and theatrical shows, hold sports events that chiefly involve track & field games and merry-making activities.
The government has laid down four national objectives for this 68th anniversary independence day they are as follows;
–     To ensure that all the national races co-exist forever in unity:
–     For all national races to ensure non-disintegration of the union; non-disintegration of national solidarity and the perpetuation of sovereignty;
–     To strive for eternal peace with the signing of national ceasefire agreement; and
–     To build a modern, developed and disciplined democratic nation through the power of the people.
Such being the case, the onus is on the entire mass of national races to continue to exert concerted effort to preserve independence as well as to contribute towards the emergence of a modern, developed, disciplined democratic country.


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