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February 27, 2018

Complaints on unruly motorists increases in Yangon

Cars are crawling on a busy road in outskirts of Yangon. Photo: Aye Min Soe
Cars are crawling on a busy road in outskirts of Yangon. Photo: Aye Min Soe

The No. 2 Traffic Police Squad in Yangon has revealed that public complaints on fellow motorists who break road rules have increased month by month. The traffic police had opened an Online Complain Center (OCC)  since   August (of this year) at its office, and the complaints can be called to  its Viber number: 09 979120328.
During August there were 438 reports and in November the reports increased to 1767   from Viber calls. A total of 5055 co plaints were made from August to November.
Traffic Police Colonel Aung Ko Oo said, “ We have taken action against 3653 cars. The complaints must be with pictures, time and place. The most complaints involve driving against a one-way road, parking on no-parking areas, double parking and crossing the (red) traffic lights.”
OCC  verifies the reported car’s specifications and sends to the owner of its offense with time and place by mail post. Bus lines Supervisory Committee ?? and the City Development Committee also take action against the law-breaking cars, he said.
Police Captain Myo Aung Myint of the   Traffic Police Squad said, “ We do not fine the unruly cars, but the respective judge of the Motor Vehicle  Court  decides the fine. If the cars breaks the City Development Law it will also be taken action by that law. “
He added that OCC also get reports of car crashes, and for information about  motorcar and road rules and laws.  It  gets advices on trafic and being asked for help on other services, he said.
Traffic Police Colonel Aung Ko Oo says, “ We don’t want to arrest nor take action on the terrorists. We only want them to abide the road and traffic rules.  Therefore, we occasionally gave educative talks on road and traffic laws to the motorists”.—Ye Khaung Nyunt, Myat Tanda Maung)


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