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October 19, 2018

Comments on Myanmar ICT sector at e-Government and ICT Exhibition

Hmwe Kyu Han, Photo: Ko Ko Soe Nyunt

With an aim toward establishing a government that supports the socio-economic development of the people, a union-level e-Government Conference and ICT Exhibition is being held for two days on 7 and 8 November at the Myanmar International Convention Center-2 (MICC-2) in Nay Pyi Taw. The following are suggestions and comments on the Myanmar ICT sector.

U Zaw Min Oo, General Secretary, Myanmar Computer Federation

Compared to last year, systems in ministerial departments have improved. Looking at the country as a whole, the ICT (information and communications technology) usage index also increased. On the e-Government ranking, it had risen compared to the past. As we are above 160 out of 190 countries, we need to reach the level of others ranking. Our country lacks ICT-related infrastructure. There are also requirements on the legal side. Despite having many universities, we are still weak in human resources to actually work in industry. In order to overcome these requirements and weaknesses, we need to cooperate with developed countries and later, try to stand on our own. This is a very important sector. Once this part is done, other required projects can be conducted.

U Kyaw Moe Naing, Managing Director, Myanmar Ease Net Co,Ltd.
We are working together with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population for the online e-Visa. Having electricity is the basic requirement for ICT sector development in our country. Data centres are also required. Firm policies on ICT are required. We must strive toward network stability for cyber security. We will work toward having all the data of our country in a secure network.

Daw Nwe Ni Soe Yin, Director, Ministry of Transport and Communications
This is the second exhibition. In the first exhibition last year, there were no ministerial department booths. This year, government departments’ works will be known from these exhibition booths. The current situation of Myanmar ICT can be seen as doing things separately. Although there are ministerial works being done, there no connection between one another and there is no linkage. By participating in the exhibition, there can be linkage.
The Myanmar National Portal will be launched in 2018. An agreement was signed for the Myanmar National Portal on 3 April. The project is now being implemented. Data and information were collected from the ministries. All will be completed in January.

U Maung Maung Kyi Tha, Technical Director, Golden Myanmar Apex Co., Ltd.
At the present time, our companies are still striving to meet the requirements in order to successfully implement e-Government in our country. Market economy businesses were started only a decade ago. (Government) departments are still trying to fulfil the requirements so all need to cooperate. In cooperating, plans should be made for the long term. An e-Government needs to be successfully implemented for the country to develop.

Mr. Bob Zhu, Huawei Technologies (Yangon) Co., Ltd.
The Myanmar ICT circle needs to develop when compared internationally. The Union Minister today spoke of requirements in the ICT sector. To achieve development, country-wide internet coverage needs to be improved.
A Strong and firm data centre is required to successfully implement e-Government. Data centre-related exhibits were seen to be displayed in the booths.


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