September 20, 2017

Clarification of Recent Events

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Press Release Team
Notification (8/2015)
17 August 2015
2nd Waxing of Wagaung 1377
Clarification of Recent Events
1.    There have been some concerns among the public about an incident that occurred at the headquarters of the Union Solidarity and Development Party on August 13th, 2015. We note that the events that took place involved the change of leadership and reorganization that are a part of a normal course of business for a registered political party.
2.    The government is making relentless efforts for relief and rehabilitation of flood-affected parts of the country. Concurrently, it is striving to achieve success with the peace process, and ensuring stability and peace throughout the country.
3.    In addition to carrying out the executive functions of the country, the government is also cooperating with the legislative and judicial branches that make up the other pillars of a democratic system.
4.    Preparations are now underway for holding of general elections on November 8, 2015, expected to be the most widely participated and inclusive elections since independence. The government shall ensure that the elections are free and fair by fully cooperating with the Union Election Commission, political parties, civil society and the public.
5.    The government shall unconditionally accept the results of the elections and honor the wishes of the electorate in accordance with existing laws and regulations.
Press Release Team


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