June 29, 2017

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Citizenship IDs to be issued in Rakhine State in accordance with Citizenship Law

MEASURES are being taken to enable those living in Rakhine State to apply for a type of citizenship card according to the 1982 Citizenship Law, said U Win Lwin, Director of the Immigration and National Registration Department in an exclusive interview.
Asked about the scrutiny of citizenship, U Win Lwin said the national verification certificates (NVCs) have been issued to 57 men and 69 women in Myaybon and 41 men and 51 women in Kyaukpyu. In the case of Ponnagyun Township, coordination is still being made as the cards do not mention race and religion. No one has been issued with NVCs thus far. The scrutiny body will be reformed only after coordination with townselders and religious leaders. This being so, NVCs will only be issued to applicants from Myaybon and Kyaukpyu.
Asked to further clarify on the Ponnagyun situation, U Win Lwin said their location is not an IDP camp but merely an isolated, small village.
According to U Win Lwin, Immigration staff are helping locals fill out forms while the Kyaukpyu General Administration Department is providing assistance in the taking of ID photographs and their development. In Myaybon, however, the taking and developing of ID photographs is being handled under local arrangements.
When asked about the process of citizenship scrutiny, the Immigration director explained that as the first step, NVCs are issued to applicants, and that the second step is to start the process of scrutinisation of their citizenship. He added that the scrutinisation process is conducted within the framework of the 1982 Citizenship Law, that if a baby was born to citizen parents, they will be a citizen, and that if a baby was born to naturalised parents, they may not be eligible to become a citizen.


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