September 23, 2017

Children’s Literature Festival Taunggyi attracts people

Youngsters showing keen interest in the Literature Festival.

The Children’s Literature Festival in Taunggyi turned into second day yesterday, attracting crowd of local people.
The festival is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Education and Shan State Government was held yesterday at Taunggyi University in Taunggyi, Shan State.
Students, teachers and local populace participated in the second day of Children’s Literature Festival. At the game event, 1,647 participated in the Team Building Game, 950 in paper folding event, 621 in proverb contest, 806 in picture puzzle, 585 in model home construction contest, 707 in painting and 83 in story-telling. 72 prizes will be awarded in the closing ceremony it is learnt.
At the literature talk in the morning, writer Inle Thanda Khin and writer Thu Naung Inn (Inle) delivered talks titled “Children songs and poems from Inle” and “Little stars of the future” while Myaykhetaung Maung Maung Win, Dr. Aung Kyaw Khin (Taunggyi), Yebaw Mya Thein (Hopong) and Thu Naung Inn (Inle) held a children’s literature development workshop discussion titled “Increase reading to cultivate good physical, verbal and moral characters in children” in the afternoon that were attended by interested visitors.
Students from basic education high school performed 43 entertainment programmes to entertain the visitors.
Self-study books on specific subjects, story books and books on politeness and manners are the bestsellers in festival bookshops it is learnt.


Aung Min Han


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