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February 27, 2018

Chaungtha Beach authorities ban vendors

Stalls occupy the walking of the beach.
Stalls occupy the walking of the beach.

AUTHORITIES will not allow vendors to sell any goods along the walkway by the Chaungtha Beach beginning from November 1, according to officials.
The beach’s rule enforcement committee will disseminate pamphlets about the new rules for vendors starting October 26. The information about the new rules and regulations will also be spread through posters and other activities, its members said.
Currently, about 75 stalls and over 200 vendors are selling different kinds of goods and food along Chaungtha Beach, a popular resort and one of the tourist attractions in Myanmar that is accessible from Yangon, about a 5-hour drive from the commercial capital.
Administrator U Tayza Aung said the major objectives of the new rules are to promote good sanitary condition and to sustain the beauty and development of the beach, urging visitors to participate in the committee’s cleaning programme by following its rules. The move also aims at reducing possible criminal activities such as snatch thefts in the beach area, he added. The rule enforcement committee has also prohibited the driving of speedboats and banana boats within the public swimming areas. Also prohibited are the riding of horses, bullock carts and motor vehicles along the shore. The rules also prohibit campfires and entertainment programmes on the shore such as fish catching, planting and farming near public areas. The activity comes from the committee’s workshop on sustainable development of Chaungtha Beach held between 16 and 18 September to discuss effective environmental conservation plans.


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