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July 23, 2019

CBM to sell new quality tical gold coin

The Central Bank of Myanmar(CBM) has been issuing quality tical, half-tical, and quarter-tical goid coins since 1991. It has also introduced a new quarter-tical quality gold coin in 2018.
A single star is depicted in the centre of the tical gold coin. Images of a plowing farmer and an elephant hauling a log are depicted on the half- and quarter-tical gold coins, and image of Bogyoke is depicted at the centre of the new quarter-tical quality gold coin.
The new tical gold coin (one tical equal to 16.329 gm) which is on high demand will be issued. The new quality tical gold coin has a diameter of 26.0 millimetres(mm) and a thickness of 2.0 mm.
At the centre of the face of the new gold coin is a portrait of Bogyoke Aung San with the words “Aung San” written at the bottom. Along the circumference of the coin, “Central Bank of Myanmar”, and “16.329 gm 999.9 Fine Gold” will be etched in the English language, while the opposite face will have “Central Bank of Myanmar 2018, a tical, 999.9 Fine Gold” embossed in the Myanmar language.
When a quality tical gold coin is bought, the CBM Governor and the gold coin casting department head will provide a certificate of authenticity.
The new gold coins can be bought at sale centres of Myanma Gem Enterprise in Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay at the prevailing gold rate of the day, along with a payment of the casting fee of K38,950, from 2 April 2019, according to the CBM. — MNA (Translated by TTN)


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