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February 28, 2018

Can Myanmar become a future tiger in Southeast Asia?

The success stories of the government’s commitment to fundamental political and economic reforms over the past five years have prompted the British magazine The Economist to declare Myanmar ‘the country of the year’.
Buoyed by the honour of being mentioned in the magazine’s 19 December issue, the stakeholders engaged in the democratic reform feel confident of further success, with some anticipating the prospect of the country becoming a future tiger in Southeast Asia.
In its overview on Myanmar in October, the World Bank commented that the five years of political and civil inclusiveness has “the potential to create opportunity and shared prosperity for the people of Myanmar and for the country to resume its place as one of the most dynamic economies in Asia”, referring to the easing of media censorship, the release of political prisoners and the signing of nationwide ceasefire agreement with eight ethnic armed groups.
Its prediction is not without reason. Not only is our country the largest of all in Southeast Asia, but it still possesses fertile lands and untapped natural resources. In addition, the country is sandwiched between the world’s two most populous countries, China and India. Being positioned between the two dynamic economies can help our country play a regional trading hub.
As a key supplier of minerals, natural gas and agricultural produce our country is back on track to foreseeable prosperity. Whether it can be a tiger in the region rests on the capacity of the incoming government and their management skills.


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