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February 27, 2018

Building sustainable development on sustainable employment

Kyaw Thura

There is some truth in the assumption that poverty and crime often go hand in hand. This common belief holds that people out of work are highly likely to commit crime. In other words, they tend to commit wrongdoings in the name of money and out of desperation.
As a developing nation our country still has a long way to go before it can claim parity with its neighbours. The government seems to be under the illusion that creating job opportunities by inviting local and foreign investments is an adequate way to address the problems of unemployment and poverty. The provision of training and capacity-building programmes cannot help that much. It helps only those who are already employed, not those who need work, food and support most desperately.
In this fast-changing world of work driven by technology, firms are seeking people with higher skills and qualifications and as a result many people find it difficult to get a job and stay in work. How Myanmar tackles the problem of unemployment therefore sets a critical context for crime reduction.
The government must be serious about charting a course for a sustainable future by framing specific strategies that are designed to deal with particular issues. Priority should be given, for example, to policies that will enable the unemployed to gain valuable skills in order to ply a trade or go into business before addressing the knock-on problem of keeping the employed technically up to date so that they can maintain a competitive edge. It stands to reason that employment generates income and reduces poverty, not to mention that it raises the spirits and gives meaning to day to day life. Another good thing is that it not only implants a sense of dignity and worth in workers but also enables them to feel socially secured and more bound to their community.
It is at work that we can understand more about the diversity of cultures and strengthen our social bonds.All things considered, it is sustainable work that will guarantee sustainable human development.


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