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February 22, 2018

Botanical survey to be conducted in wildlife sanctuaries

The Phon Kan Razi Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo: 200
The Phon Kan Razi Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo: 200

A THREE-month survey will be undertaken by the Ministry of Forestry in Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary and Phon Kan Razi Wildlife Sanctuary.
The botanical research study will be made by both locals and international scholars starting in  September in Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, with plans to leave for Phon Kan Razi Wildlife Sanctuary between October and November.
Located in Khamti District of Sagaing Region, Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary is the natural habitat of about 30 mammals including tigers, elephants, leopards, serow and bear.
Phon Kan Razi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in PutaO, a town in Kachin State in northern Myanmar. It is also the natural home to many indigenous animals.
A wide range of flora and fauna, including several rare species of plants, thrive in both sanctuaries.
The team includes Dr Kate Armstrong from the U.S’s New York Botanical Garden, three Japanese botanists and three Myanmar experts. They will visit the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary on 8 September to begin their research.—200


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