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February 27, 2018

Boondoggle, Bogus persons and Charlatans inflict on society

It is a marvelous opportunity for man to use modern sciences, technologies, medicine, space exploration and telecommunications in the 21st century. From Stone Age to IT age, humans have striven hard for sustainable human race development. Due to man’s concerted efforts, the human life style has been improved through prehistoric age to IT age. The tremendous successes and development in upgrading humanity are the achievement for all mankind. This shows that humans are brilliantly capable of inventing, innovating and transforming new things and new environment for human society. The fabulously advanced electronic communications and transportations are helping global people make their life easier, smoother and more comfortable. Human’s superiority and capacity maintain the homo- sapiens and other living things. The advancement of human society and significant breakthrough of space exploration are milestones of human capabilities. The human advancement has been handed down from generation to generation. The passage from ancient civilizations to technology of modern civilization was so full of hardship or obstacles or difficulties, but humans could have overcome all that stuff victoriously. The current generation, the possessors of modern technologies, must pay tribute to the relentless work of the succeeding generations. Similarly, the next generation must take the legacy of human achievement from the current generation. Thus we humans will be able to maintain the sustainable skills, advanced knowledge and humanity successfully. In addition, we must be able to bridge the generation gap.
Analyzing the trend of the development of human life style, the pros and cons always appeared in human history e.g. the misuse of atomic energy in the WWII. (Converted into mass destructive atomic bombs which were dropped in Japan) These days, some countries misuse nuclear energy as weapons and the proliferation of nuclear weapons threaten the global peace or dominate the developing countries. The use of nuclear energy for military-means is strictly prohibited by International treaty. Instead of making own effort to acquire a specific knowledge, some persons exploit a situation for easy advantage on others while they are in power.
We, humans attempt to upgrade or advance our society especially for social welfare, economy, human settlement, food technology and education etc. While doing so, we might make mistake or waste the time, money and effort due to unsystematic method or wrong decision to implement some project or plan. Such situation is caused by reckless and inefficient decision makers. The worse thing is a boondoggle _ a piece of work or project that is unnecessary and that wastes time and public funds. Furthermore, a boondoggle is a wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft. If a particular society encounters various boondoggles, its budget will dwindle down certainly. Any type of government which carries out or handles the gigantic boondoggle must be sued or denounced for it by the majority people or public concerned in the world. That boondoggle was denounced as a scandalous waste of public money indeed.
In ever society, bogus persons exist and they swindle the simple or ordinary people in order to gain some kind of benefit. Bogus men or bogus women dishonestly earn their living by cheating the innocent people. Their ability is used for malpractice or evil intention towards ordinary people. Being exploitative-minded, they intend to treat ordinary people unfairly in order to gain an advantage or to make money. They do not contribute to the welfare of their society concerned. They bitterly oppose the maxim_ ‘Honesty is the best policy’. They do not beautify their environment and upgrade their society concerned. Bogus men and women cleverly disguise as medical doctors, policemen, policewomen, monks, nuns, military officers, security guards, teachers and sailors etc. In addition, they use fake certificates or documents or ID cards variously to let the people convince that they are not bogus persons. Among them, bogus medical doctors are the most dangerous ones in any society because they have no medical knowledge and skills. In this case, if a sick person encounters the bogus medical doctor, he or she will surely get into trouble. Consequently, the health condition of the sick person will be even worse than before if he receives treatment given by the bogus medical doctor. Bogus medical doctors especially target rural people who need medication and medical services or health care properly. They rely on bogus medical doctors or faith healers in their community concerned. A bogus security guard, a member of a certain terrorist group, can penetrate into important facilities or buildings or offices and he can blow up or destroy them by using intense explosives.
Naturally and characteristically, there are individual differences in humans. According to their good characters or bad characters in humans, their achievements may vary distinctly. Charlatans are the ones who pretend to have special knowledge or skills e.g. a person who does not know about public management or Public Administration, but he has unjustly taken the positions for these arena_ he or she is a complete charlatan indeed. Otherwise, they have been selected by the despotic rulers to hold the key positions. Nothing beneficial is done by them for general public. This situation prevails in the society ruled by dictatorial regimes in the world and it is a sign of regression for that particular society. Even the way they deal with public is unpleasant and rude. In this case, the general public are always upset or frustrated with the inefficiency and unskillful conduct of the charlatan_ an official concerned. Public regard that charlatan as an unreliable public official. Besides, the charlatans in the public service are neither well-versed nor versatile, but they grab the higher rank positions unfairly. Actually, they are very loyal to their masters i.e. dictators, a very handful of group whereas they are not loyal to the majority of the people concerned_ the original owner of the state power. Moreover, they are known as bootlickers_ obsequious or servile persons. The charlatans are the henchmen of dictatorial regimes. They retain their authorities or positions or illegal assets gained through kleptocratic practice .They usually blow their own trumpet in the society concerned. In reality, they make themselves rich and powerful by stealing public funds and national resources.
Some of the unqualified and uncertified medical practitioners, legal practitioners, car drivers and teachers can be called charlatans. However, they have little knowledge about their proper or specific subjects or fields. Some dropouts of medical college, turn to be charlatans in medical profession. Actually they did not complete academic study in medicine from medical college. Public do not know their history precisely. Thus public are cheated to convince them as licensed medical doctors.  N.B. health care service must be genuine or doctors must be professionally skilful. Their little knowledge is not only dangerous for the people who simply or honestly use their respective services, but also it inflicts on society concerned. In brief, their main aim is to deceive or exploit simple people for their unfair profit or benefit.
Wishful thinking????…..May every society be free from corrupt government, dishonest and immoral persons!!!!


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