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February 27, 2018

Big haul of ray-finned fish caught off Rakhine coast

A ray-finned fish being carried.
A ray-finned fish being carried.

Rakhine fishermen caught ray-finned fish weighing 30- 100 visses each in great numbers off the Rakhine coast in September, according to locals.
The big catch is welcome because it has been an otherwise lean year for Rakhine fishermen, officials said. Ray fish is a favourite among locals and is fetching a good price.
“We found big ray-finned fish in Myaybon’, said U Kyaw Thein, the administrator of Kyauk Hmaw Gyi village, Myaybon township. “Previously, we scarcely caught anything, never mind big ones — even one fish a week was quite difficult. Now, we are catching ray-finned fish weighing between 30 visses and 100 visses. Some fishermen only fish the ray-finned ones. The ray fish sells for Ks 3500 per viss. So, they are earning higher income.”
Ray fish fishermen from Gwa, Thandwe, Taungup, Maungtaw, Buhitaung, Pauktaw, Yathedaung, Myaybon, Rambre, Man-aung, Kyaukpru, and Sittwe in Rakhine state need to closely observe the rise and fall of the tides in order to catch the big fish.
“Ray fish are very difficult to catch. Sometimes, the fishermen need to bring two days reserve food for themselves”, said U Tun Min Chay from Taung Phoo village. Pauktaw. “But these days, they are finding a lot of ray fish in the sea. Some fishermen are catching even ten ray fish per day. So, we need to preserve the ray fish in our stock.” Ray fish, whose bodies are flat and weigh a maximum of 790 kilograms, are mostly found in the deep sea. Some of the ray fish are sold fresh, but a large portion is salted and then dried in the sun.
Some of the local fishermen store preserved ray fish to sell when prices reach their peak, local officials said.


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