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February 26, 2018

BFM’s warm clothes reach IDPs in northern Shan State

A person from BFM presents warm clothes to ethnic people in Namtu. Photo: Supplied
A person from BFM presents warm clothes to ethnic people in Namtu. Photo: Supplied

Warm clothes donated by KBZ’s Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation reached internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Shan State yesterday.
Responsible personnel of the foundation presented more than 600 IDPs shelter at a monastery and a temple in Namtu.
As part of efforts to brace for La Nina in the upcoming winter, the BFM has imported and distributed 200,000 articles of warm clothing to many Myanmar people, including internally displaced persons who are expected to experience very cold weather in the coming winter.
On 1 October, the philanthropic foundation went to IDP camps in Namkham, Kutkai, Namtu and Muse townships in Shan State (north) and presented warm clothes to people at IDP camps and to students totaling 7,652.
The foundation presented 3,000 pieces of imported warm clothes and 10,080 packs of dried instant noodles to IDPs in Myaing Gyi Ngu and Maethawaw in Kayin State, on 17 September.
The foundation donated over 36,500 articles of warm clothing through the Mandalay Region Government on 28 August to the people in areas in Mandalay Region who are also expected to experience very cold weather.
Meanwhile, the BFM’s 3,500 pieces of warm clothing were given to the Naga ethnic people in Lahe, Naga Self-Administrative Zone in mid-August.
The foundation is planning to send warm clothing to the IDPs in Shan State and Kachin State and aged people in Sagaing Region soon.—Thiha Tun


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