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March 01, 2018

Beautifying Our World

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Beauty is a thing that everyone likes and wants. At one time a famous poet said “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Generally speaking, we decide the extent of beauty of someone or something by their appearance. Even individuals regarded to be beautiful by their friends try to find ways and means to beautify themselves and their possessions like their car or house. Undeniably, beauty gives us pleasure and even happiness. It is heartening to hear the news that these days, voluntary teams comprising children, youths, and energetic adults, are working hand in hand with enthusiastic Yangonians trying to transform their back-alleys into pleasant resting places or play grounds for their children. As known by all, due to over-population in Yangon, lack of staff in YCDC and because of undisciplined city-dwellers throwing garbage, the present day’s garbage collection system is causing problems for the urban populace, very often during the rainy season and almost every time after a heavy downpour. Compared to rural areas, Yangon can be said to be an unpleasant location for taking a rest, although it is the commercial and financial hub of the country.
    In fact, it is none other than the people who are creating Yangon into such a condition. They fail to throw trash at designated times and places. Some people are found to throw dust and their unwanted rubbish into drainage ditches. They seem to lack the knowledge that their deeds can block water flow. At such a time when the incumbent government is trying to fulfill the requirements of the people, including children by permitting gardens at communal places for people to take rest and by creating open spaces such as the ones under the over-bridges to become resting places with greenery and comfortable benches we should all join hands to help the government. Under the current situations, innovative avant-garde youths are trying to transform our disgusting back-alleys into children’s playgrounds and miniature gardens. To our great surprise and delight, young children are found to be taking part in these campaigns to beautify our city enthusiastically.
    We should not neglect but rather acknowledge and encourage our children’s efforts. Their work highlights that we are wholly responsible for beautifying our places for ever. That is quite right, because these buildings started as clean and pleasurable places to live. But due to lack of maintenance and undisciplined behaviours they soon turned into loathsome dwellings. Disgusting environments make our minds befuddled and confused, or vice versa. On the other hand, pleasant environments will make our minds energized, pure and fresh, as will our pure minds to our environment. Participation of every individual will make our world into a unified and very satisfying and pleasurable planet to live.


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