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February 28, 2018

Bago residents enjoy full access to electricity

Kyaukkyi Electric Transformer. Photo 045 (Kyemon)
Kyaukkyi Electric Transformer. Photo 045 (Kyemon)

RESIDENTS in Kyaukgyi Township of Taungoo District recently have access to electricity thanks to the establishment of a 33KV power substation in the township, locals say.
“Since 20 January this year, we have started supplying electricity across the township through new substation, which has been installed by the Bago Region Electricity Enterprise,” its officials said.
The main aim of establishing a 33KV transformer in the region is to distribute a high voltage of electricity across the area.
As of 1991, the electricity enterprise has supplied only a low voltage of electricity in the township through 11KV transformer. Not only seven townships but 14 villages including Natthankwin, Yanmyoaung, Seikkyi, Maubin and Aungsoemoe villages in Kyaukgyi Township enjoy full access to power.—045 (Kyemon)


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