July 01, 2017

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Bagan restorations to be completed in February

Some pagodas in Bagan are in urgent needs of restoration. Photo: Myitmakha News Agency
Some pagodas in Bagan are in urgent needs of restoration. Photo: Myitmakha News Agency

THE Archaeological Department under the Ministry of Culture has announced that the restorations to some of the pagodas in Bagan  will be completed in February 2016. The project is receiving emergency funding from UNESCO.
UNESCO provided US$30,000 for the restoration of temples that were damaged by weather in November 2015.
“The pagodas, which are in need of emergency maintenance, are being restored with $30,000 of financial assistance from UNESCO. The Bagan Conservation Group and the Archaeological  Department are joining forces to carry out six restoration activities, including efforts to conserve ancient wall paintings featured inside the pagodas and masonry, which is coming away from the ceilings,” explained U Thein Lwin, the deputy managing director of the department. Priority has been given to the Sular Mani, Taunggu Ni and Lawka Hteitpan pagodas, as they require emergency restoration on the artistic handiwork, featured relics and wall murals.
The Ministry of Culture also announced that the Indian government is assisting with the restoration of the Ananda Pagoda, removing dirt and imperfections from wall paintings, as well as restoring the brick walls of the pagoda, and the grounds around it, to their original state.
According to the ministry, evening dinner ceremonies and tourist services are prohibited from being held on the grounds of Myanmar heritage buildings, and legal action will be taken against government departments and travel companies that do not comply with this regulation.— Myitmakha News Agency


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