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March 03, 2018

Ayeyawady water levels rise but deemed of no concern for Pyay

People are riding on the boats because of flooding.
People are riding on the boats because of flooding.

A RISE in the water levels of the Ayeyawady River, within the west of Bago Region, by approximately three feet over the last four days have seen water start to flood into low lying neighborhoods located in close proximity to the banks of river, according to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology for Pyay district.
The waters of the Ayeyawady had risen from 2,634cm on 10 July to 2,730cm by Thursday morning, an increase of approximately three feet.
“The current position of the river is not of as much concern as last year when water levels rose by three to four feet overnight and gushed into close-by neighborhoods. This year has seen water levels increase slowly, by about one foot everyday; not nearly as much as last year. The department of meteorology don’t foresee water levels rising over a dangerous level within the town of Pyay; water levels are just sticking around the cause for concern mark,” said U Aung Kyi Myint, head of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology for Pyay district.
The official water level of concern for flooding in Pyay is 2,900cm, which the current water level would have to increase by another five and half feet in order to reach. The department expects water levels to continue to rise by another two to three feet over the coming week.
The department also made it known that water levels have reached that of concern in the town of Nyaung-U, located north of the Ayeyawady River to Pyay, while water levels in the upper town of Zalun are also hovering around levels dangerous for flooding. The continual rise of these water levels of the coming days could see some river water trickle into neighborhoods near the vicinity of the riverbank but not enough to warrant undue concern. “Water has started to flood into our ward. The slow advance of the water has since submerged the under sections of our houses. But, it hasn’t got to the point yet where it’s severe enough to permit relocating. We’ll have to keep a close eye on the situation over the coming, week. If it becomes too much then we’ll have to move,” said Ko Thein Soe, a resident of Pyay’s Nawin Ward.
Water levels of the Ayeyawady have surpassed the 2,900cm mark and flooded the town of Pyay a total of three times in recent history: in 1974, 2004 and most recently last year.


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