September 23, 2017

Award-winning cattle fetches double price after race

Ox-carts seen after the cart race.
Ox-carts seen after the cart race.

OWNERS fetched almost double the original price for their award-winning cattle following the cattle-drawn cart race of the Pahtodawgyi Pagoda Festival in Amarapura Township, Mandalay Region, according to a contestant from Kyaukse Township.
Owners sold their cow after the event receiving twice what their cow was priced at before winning awards in the race, said Ko Than Aung who took part in the cattle-drawn cart race to mark the pagoda festival.
Winners were they would get a good price after being awarded, he added, saying that they got double price despite the fact a regular cow is worth around K1.5 million on the market.
“I sold my cow for K2.5 million as it was awarded in the race. I bought it for K1.4 million.”
Most purchases of award-winning cattle were made by those who a run cattle-drawn cart rental business and who want to take part in such contests.  According to locals, the main aim of most participants of the race is to fetch a good price for their award-winning cattle.


Aung Thant Khaing


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