October 19, 2017

Avoid avarice and wrath

The central region of India is sometimes called majjhimadesa. This district bears a sacred character in the eyes of Buddhists, like places such as Rajagaha and Savatthi, which have been hallowed by the residence or frequent visits of the Buddha. It is said to be nine hundred yojanas in circuit, its boundaries being the towns of kajangala and Mahasala, the river Salalavati, the towns of Setakannika and Thuna and the mountain Usiradhaja.
Majjhimadesa is a combination of the two pali words—majjhima and desa—the former suggesting middle, central, mean, moderate and of medium size, whereas the latter means ‘district’. Similarly, majjhimapatipada is composed of the two pali words—majjhima and patipada—the former meaning middle, as mentioned above, while the latter suggests ingress, access, way, step, course, progress, practice and conduct. Thus, majjhimapatipada is the ‘middle way’. Although this is the way for the yogis to follow the path taken by Buddhist monks and for lay disciples to emancipate themselves from the cycles of rebirth, this path can be followed by anyone, irrespective of race and religion, to manage worldly affairs as well as to lead peaceful and prosperous lives.
It is of utmost importance for all people from all parts of the world to avoid the two extremes of lobha (greed) and dosa (anger), for these two extremes are add fuel to the fire. It is avarice and wrath that set the world on fire. As long as the world’s people are avaricious and furious, peace and tranquillity will not prevail on this earth. This is the reason why the World Buddhist Peace Conference has been held in Sitagu, Sagaing Region.
It is hoped that the Sitagu conference has at least given a message to the whole world to collectively endeavour to ensure peace and stability on this earth through preserving the noble spirit of universal brotherhood, regardless of race and religion.
In this function, the Global New Light of Myanmar would also like to make its earnest request to all human beings, be they Buddhist monks or lay disciples, be they Christians or those professing different religious faiths other than Buddhism and Christianity, to avoid the two extremes of lobha and dosa, exercising self-restraint and concerted effort in the effectuation of peace and stability in all parts of the world.


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