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March 03, 2018

Arrangements made to arrest attackers at large

Authorities hold talks with diplomats in Sittway, Rakhine State.
Authorities hold talks with diplomats in Sittway, Rakhine State.

Union Minister Lt-Gen Ye Aung, Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs U Kyaw Tin, UN resident coordinator Ms Renata Dessallin and ambassadors arrived at no 1 border guard control camp of Kyikanpyin, Maungtaw township, Rakhine State on the morning of November 2.
On their arrival, Pol Brig-Gen Thura San Lwin clarified in detail violent surprise armed attack the Koetankauk and Ngakhuya police outposts on October 9.
He added, “After the attack, Tatmataw-Police Combined forces pursued attackers, launching area clearance operations and blockage of potential routes. Out of arms looted from Kyikanpyin, 13 units were recaptured. Beginning from 10 October, authorities concerned are continuously carrying out process of administration and security of the area, rule of law. As the first stage, we took measures for these armed attacks not to turn into religious and racial conflicts, concurrently airlifting more Tatmataw troops and police forces to increase regional security by Tatmataw-owned helicopters. As the second stage, security measures were made by deploying more troops in key outposts for attackers not to be able to launch fierce fighting. Thirdly, for aggressive attackers not to sever communication including riverine routes, security arrangements were increased, but there were slight travels these days for fear, and we are transporting them under the supervision of departments concerned. As the fourth stage, we did try to contact the village administrators via administrative bodies to call for locals to keep staying and for displaced people to return home. At the same time, lengthening of curfew period is being carried out depending on the situation of respective townships with the instruction of the State Cabinet. As the fifth stage, for the administrative machinery to smoothly run, we have taken measures in consultation with responsible officials of Rakhine State Cabinet for governmental staff to resume their routines.”
Rice and basic foodstuff supported by Tatmataw, ministry of border affairs, ministry of social welfare, relief and resettlement and the state government are being delivered in convoy to distant villages facing food shortage due to these armed attacks.
Police force was equipped with non-lethal weapons to protect villagers and mobs. Those arrested were investigated in accord with the law without torturing them, with time for sleeping and taking meal granted. All investigations were recorded on video files. Families of the deceased were allowed to hold their funeral rituals according to their traditions.
Arrangements are being made to arrest attackers at large, to recapture lost firearms and ammunition.
Till October 19, in 12 head-on confrontations, 5 Tatmataw-men, 9 border outpost policemen and 3 civilians were killed, with 2 arms from Tatmataw and 64 units from policeforce, 10140 ammunition, 173 cartridges and 47 bayonets looted. 33 bodies of attackers were recovered and 89 suspects under arrest and investigation.
In a news release issued by the President’s Office on October 14, it is described that those investigated stated that the attacks were manipulated by AKALMUL MUJAHEDAN led by RSO-related extremist HARVIT TUHAL.
HARVIT TUHAL posted 4 video files on social websites on October 12 in which the former invited them to wage Jihad operation in Maungtaw region and commit suicidal bomb attacks.
Advisory Commission on Rakhine State led by Mr Kofi Annam, former UN Secretary-General formed on August 24 visited Myanmar during September 3-8 just prior to the armed attacks, discussing with governmental officials and dignitaries from both societies, with their findings to be reported.
Myanmar will never accept any terrorist attacks and make response to them and their abettors, with a view to protecting national security and depredation of the people in accord with Myanmar Constitution, anti-terrorism law and other existing laws and regulations.
Afterwards, responsible officials replied to the questions raised by UN resident coordinator and diplomats.




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