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May 21, 2019

Ancient votive tablets unearthed in Thaton

The ancient votive tablets  found recently in Thaton.  Photo : thet oo
The ancient votive tablets found recently in Thaton.  Photo : thet oo

Over 240 ancient votive tablets were found recently while workers were digging a pit for the construction of a new building in the compound of the Myanmar Roman Catholic church at Theinkone ward in Thaton Township, Mon State. Some of the tablets were found in a damaged condition. “More than 100 ancient votive plaques were found together, and other tablets were discovered at different places, when pits were being dug for a new refectory. The plaques will be handed over to officials,” said an official from the church.
The votive tablets were inspected by Daw Khine Khine Lei from the No. 1 constituency of Thaton Township and other officials. Further studies will be conducted to trace their history, said officials. The artwork and design of the ancient votive tablets bear resemblance to others found on 15 June, 15 July, and 8 August in 2015 at the Ngattwin monastery, located near the Catholic church, they said.
“Over 650 votive tablets from the earlier find were in quite good condition and the figures on 900 were damaged. The votive tablets seem to date to an early Bagan period and appear to have originated in India, their design seems to bear the style of Pala-Sena art,” said archaeologist U San Win. More than 1,000 votive tablets have been unearthed near the No. 2 high school in the area over the last 40 years. The discovery of clay plaques at the Ngattwin monastery was the second such case in Myanmar, and the find at the church is the third such instance where artefacts have been unearthed in Myanmar. The tablets unearthed at the church are being stored temporarily at the Township’s General Administration Department —Thet Oo (Thaton)(Translated by La Wonn)


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