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June 22, 2018

Ancient palm-leaf inscriptions of U Po Thee Repository in Thahton to be digitised

TO ensure the imperishability of the ancient  palm-leaf inscriptions kept at the historic U Po Thee Repository  of Thatdhammazawtikayama  Monastery at Myatabeit Hill- Base,  in Thahton town, the Thuwunnabumi Pariyati Satanahita Association intends to digitise the inscriptions, according to association secretary  U Soe Naung Oo.
He added that the cataloged inscriptions  will  be available online and can be downloaded as a PDF .
“ The palm-leaf inscriptions are 130-250 years old. Pali, Mon and Myanmar-language as well as foreign researchers come to study the  inscriptions. As they are very  delicate  and becoming too vulnerable to handle often we  are making the digitised archive instead,” said U Soe Naung Oo.
Thahton’s  University of Computer Science had help a lot in the process, he said.
The palm -leaf inscriptions  were first collected, preserved and kept  90 years ago by association chairman U Po Thee. They were used by the Sangha  to study  before their annual Pariyati examinations. The association has continued to maintain the repository, which is in southern Myanmar Tannithayi Region.
The total of 166,900 palm-leaf inscriptions were kept in gold gilded cupboards at the repository. The inscriptions are in forms of  788 palm-leaf  packages and 28 tablet- folds.
At present, 156900 palm-leaf inscriptions have been digitised with a further 10000 needing to be processed.
Publication Administrator Dr William Pruitt of Pali Text Society( UK) said he was delighted to hear the news.–—(Thet Oo-Thahton)


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