September 20, 2017

An expensive habit: Betel leaf prices high due to flooding in Magwe Region

Betel leaves.
Betel leaves.

THE price of betel leaf (instrumental in the construction of chewable betel quids) has surged due to plantations in some villages being destroyed by flooding in Magwe Region, according to merchants.
Betel leaf prices are exorbitantly high compared to periods of normal trading, fetching up from K7,500 to K15,000 per viss (approximately 1.6 kilograms) on the market.
Betel leaves are mainly sent to market from Magwe, Minbu and Taungdwingyi. Betel leaves are also cultivated in Minbu (Saku), Pinle Thek, Letkhoke, Kyaungtaw Yar, Kyaukgon, Pwintbyu and Shauktaw villages. These areas have also been affected by flooding.
Pantanaw betel leaf is famous among betel quid connoisseurs and is cultivated across the nation. Other varieties of betel leaf are entering the market to fill the mouths of customers.




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