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June 25, 2018

Amyotha Hluttaw continues with Q & A session

Dr Aung Thu.
Dr Aung Thu.

THE Amyotha Hluttaw continued its 36th day session with parliamentarians hearing answers to questions regarding the agriculture and irrigation sectors and agreeing to discuss the third revised bill to amend the Myanmar Gems Law yesterday.
During a Q & A session, Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Dr Aung Thu replied that it is difficult to plant Vetiver Grass, which is a perennial bunchgrass in agricultural land, suggesting that the type of grass should be grown to fight soil erosion near rivers and creeks, highways, dams and in mountainous regions.
Regarding construction of the Hsamee-Kanpetlet road linking Paletwa and Kanpetlet Townships of Chin State, the Union minister said that the proposed road construction will be put into the ministry’s yearly priority list for regions and states, adding that there is no immediate plan to build the road during this fiscal year.
On a call for the distribution of the Farmland Law Guidebook and the opening of multiplier courses on the law, the Union minister replied that books on the 2012 Farmland Law and Regulations are on sale and multiplier courses are being conducted by Region/State/District/Township farmland management committees under the supervision of the central committee.
The Union minister continued to answer a question about whether a plan to carry out dredging operations for Ngwetaung Dam will be carried through, saying that a survey will be conducted to know its siltation and a decision will be made as to what measures should be taken after the survey.
The 51-year-old dam reportedly shows no impact from sedimentation in its supply of irrigation water and drinking water to the region.


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