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October 17, 2018

AMIRO notification in NV card disbursement process

The All Myanmar Islamic Religious Organisation (AMIRO) released a notification on 3 December to all Islamic organisations to cooperate in the tasks of national verification and giving out national verification cards.
They were informed by letter on 2nd September that, regarding giving out NV Cards, AMIRO had to negotiate with the respective Ministry, and just after emergence of the negotiation results, Islamic were required to start working. Concerning the matter, responsible officials from AMIRO discussed with the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population on 10 December and with the Union Minister on 21 December in 2016.
During the discussion, as for the Islamic they told of difficulties encountered in applying for NV Cards, and in transferring family lists and enlisting births in family registration lists. They requested of authorities that release of accurate procedures and directives be made public and known to them if NV Cards are to be given out.
With regards to this, the Ministry clarified the matters to five Islamic groups, in detail.
The process of giving out NV Cards and the process of National Verification requires the cooperation of all organisations, hence the need to spread the information to other religious organisations.
Under section 65 of Myanmar Citizen Law, 1982, those who apply are subject to the decision of the Central Committee as to whether they are citizens or not. NV Cards need not be given out to those holding National Registration Card.
Applicants who need to undergo scrutiny are:
—Those who surrender temporary NV Cards that have expired and those whose temporary NV Cards are missing or destroyed and reported to the authority concerned need to undergo national scrutiny.
—Those whose cards were cancelled or taken back for invalidity though holding National Registration Cards
—Those who have avoided family registration lists or any kind of identity card, even though they lived in Myanmar for several generations. Children born of parents holding a National Scrutiny Card, and children born of parents who can be regarded to be eligible for citizenship through holding national registration cards can directly apply for the process of national scrutiny without needing to hold NV Cards.
Accordingly, the above-mentioned facts concerning applying for National Scrutiny
Cards are needed for Islamists to be well convinced and cooperate in the process of national scrutiny of the State by sharing through the Islamist Religious Organisations.—Myanmar News Agency


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