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March 02, 2018

All media outlets responsible to be straightforward and unbiased

Tha Sein

Most recently, some media outlets including CNA and Al Jazeera described false news stories based on unreasonable statements made by John McKissick from the UNHCR based in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. As a matter of fact, John McKissick should fulfil his mandate in a professional and prudent manner. More to the point, as an international civil servant, he should be under a moral obligation and weigh his words carefully before he speaks. His act should not leave the country and the people of Myanmar with discord, distrust and incitement. Otherwise, his professionalism and ethics will be questioned extensively.
Mr. Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary-General and current chairman of the Rakhine State Advisory Commission, during his first visit to Rakhine State, said they did not find any oppression between the two communities. During his second visit to the state also, he told a journalist that the Rakhine incident is not genocide whereas one of the commission members said they did not find any human rights violation between the two communities during a press briefing. Their statements met with a mixed reception from people of various strata. It was a very considerate move and made a real difference to the Myanmar people, who really hope more would follow suit.
When it comes to the incident which cast a pall on the dawn of peace and stability in Rakhine State, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has said that we are brave enough to take drastic, legal action against the perpetrators within the framework of the law, given the gravity of the problem and its potential impact on the country’s democratization.
Dissemination of politically fabricated news by some foreign broadcast stations and social media platforms was aimed at nothing but harming the government’s efforts towards restoring peace and stability in the state and damaging the country’s image. To be more specific, it virtually casts a shadow over the country’s hope for democratic changes.
To refute widespread rumours about human rights abuse in the state, the government is taking systematic steps in its area clearance operations, taking into account undesirable consequences. Towards this end, all printed and electronic media are responsible to be straightforward and unbiased in presentation of the prevailing situations in the state with an intelligent and informed opinion. Only then, will the objective of the government be met.


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