September 25, 2017

All crew members of sunken Vietnamese vessel saved

12417623_927103050720117_4362296382599142426_nALL 14 crew members of a Vietnamese cargo vessel, the MV Dong Then Phu Silver that collided with an oil tanker off the Yangon river were rescued, according to the Myanma Port Authority.
The MV Dong Then Phu Silver,carrying bags of cement, sank after colliding with the MT Ocean Osprey while sailing out of the river following an anchor line failure at about 12 noon.
Thirteen crew members were saved by the Ocean Osprey while the remaining one was rescued by a fishing boat, said U Aung Kyaw Htoo, an official from MPA.
All crew members were taken to Nann Thida jetty by a naval ship at about 11.30 pm that day and were transferred to the resident representative of the shipping company, he added.
According to the MPA, an investigation into sinking of the Vietnamese ship will be conducted in cooperation with organisations concerned.
Despite being hit by the cargo vessel, the oil tanker sustained only minor damage.—Ko Moe


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