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February 27, 2018

A vote to vent feelings

The much-awaited general election in Myanmar is only a few days away, and most people are excited to cast their votes for change. Politicians are also excited about the election and campaigning for it. It is natural for all of them to be excited about the election as they think it could bring about change for the country.
All politicians agree that the country needs change, but there is disagreement over the appropriate pace of the change. The official results of the general election will decide the direction and pace of change in the country.
The general election is a great opportunity to vent feelings and to elect a new government. In the past, people could not enjoy such an opportunity and had to resort to mass protests against governments that ended in bloodshed. Now, people are able to cast their votes for the government they like, thanks to the recent transition in Myanmar.
It is clear that elections are meant to effect peaceful change. Therefore, it is necessary for all members of the public to prevent violent incidents from happening during the election and to enjoy the right to suffrage peacefully.
It is time for people to vent their feelings through voting.


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