September 24, 2017

A suspected driver arrested


The State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee released the news that security forces found 3 suspected pajero vehicles going to and fro in front of 105-Mile Muse Trade Zone’s gate 4 at 7 a.m today and stopped them for inspection but they fled to Pansang Maungtan Gate, due to the fire from the security forces in the pursuit of them.
On receipt of the news that one San Aye aged 24 residing in Namhwei village was hospitalized with a bullet wound on the right shoulder at Muse hospital, responsible officials inquired him, finding the injured person to be the pajero driver who fled without being inspected at gate 4 of the Muse 105-mile trade zone.
The security officials are investigating the suspect as to whether he was involved in the armed groups, it is learnt.


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