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February 26, 2018

A Review on the Film Zootopia (2016)

U Aye Kywe


As “Zootopia” is the first animation film I have ever seen in 2016, it became one of the entries in my All Time Favourite Films List at once.
This new Disney film is, at a first glance, a film with lovely and cute animal characters with an aim to make the children happy and amused. However, beyond the curtain of pure entertainment lie the sobre and meaningful message conveyed by this excellent movie.
Summarized Plot
The plot of the film can be summarized as follows:
There are no human beings but the animals in the world. Animals are basically classified as Predator and Prey. Animals like Lion, Tiger and Fox are members of the Predator Group and other animals like Sheep, Deer, and Rabbit are included in Prey Group. Contrary to common tradition, Preys need not be afraid of Predators and they lived in peaceful co-existence. Long time ago in history, Predators were cruel wild animals that fought and killed the Preys. But in the present age, all animals live together in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.
A female rabbit named Judy Hopps lives in a small town. She has a big dream since childhood. She wants to be a police officer at the modern sophisticated metropolis Zootopia which is systematically functioning smoothly. So, she managed to graduate as a police officer from Zootopia Police Academy. Normally, it is impossible to appoint a small and timid rabbit to the police officer position. But her alertness and sharp intelligence pave the way for the appointment of a first ever female rabbit police officer in town.
However, Police Superintendent Bogo did not count on Judy. Her first assignment is Car Parking Watch Duty. Pasting of fine notice onto the cars which are parked off the time limit is not a worthwhile duty for Judy whose ambition is centered on the investigation of big cases. Anyway, she did her best and could manage to search and paste fine notice onto even 200 guilty cars before noon on her first day of duty.
At the workplace, Judy helped a fox named Nick Wilde. But close investigation revealed the truth that the fox just played a trick on her. Judy was filled with anger and frustration. She put the blame on herself for her careless trust in the inherent incredible nature of a fox.
One day, Superintendent Bogo sought her assistance in a case of lost animals. Judy gladly accepted to investigate. She got 2-day schedule from Bogo for investigation. If she fails to solve the case in two days’ time, she will be fired from her post.
While searching for clues, Judy came to realize that Nick Wilde the Fox could give her an assistance to solve the mystery of lost animals. Deeper investigation indicates that the disappearance of 14 animals is much more complex than an ordinary case. When Judy is aware of the far-reaching effect of this crime on the peaceful co-existence of all animals in Zootopia…………
Messages from Zootopia
“We must configure by ourselves which type of persons we are. Other people may have their own views about us. But these are their personal views only. Shall we allow their views to influence our lives? Or, shall we create our destinations by ourselves? It is a point to ponder.”
This is what I think about the message given by Zootopia. Tradition depicts a fox as cunning and wicked animal. But it is a real fox’s duty to formulate his own identity. It is wrong thinking for a fox to be cunning because of traditional norms. Likewise, sheep cannot be judged as simple and honest because of tradition. Rabbits need not be timid and fearful based on common belief.
Animal characters in Zootopia shed a new light on our social misconduct to judge our surrounding and people in everyday life just by superficial appearance.
We should think in retrospect now.
Only if we can judge a person by his own behavior and apart from race, religion, place and family………….
Only if every person behaves according to his/her own identity regardless of common norms and tradition…………
Zootopia is quite interesting from the beginning to the end. Every scene is able to captivate the audience’s attention. Lovely behavior of various animals is blended with humour. Zootopia is a film not to be missed in 2016.
I would like to recommend it as a humourous film packed with thought provoking lessons. In short, it pays back for your time spent on it.


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