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June 24, 2018

A Pleasurable Workplace Enhances Productivity and Creativity

From my experience as an office worker, I came to understand the importance of a pleasurable or fun workplace. A workplace where the staffs are happy and do not have to be unnecessarily scared of the aggressive and abusive boss, is a pleasurable or a fun workplace. Happy and pressure-free persons are more creative and thus more productive than those who are under pressure and unhappy. Thus a workplace must be a place where the staffs or employees look forward to go and not to be shunned. If someone is reluctant to go to work, something is certainly wrong.
Most of the problems for causing the workplaces unpleasant are created by the bosses or superior officers. Their arrogance or lack of self-confidience compelled them to bully the subordinates, making the workplaces become unwelcoming. It is important to create a good atmosphere at the offices or workplaces so that the staffs or employees feel at ease and happy.
During my career, I had came across many officers who are bullies, inconsiderate and irresponsible to the subordinates. They could not give proper guidance to the staff but would not hesitate to blame or scold if something went wrong. In my opinion such officers lacked leadership qualities. A leader must be able to lead, guide and be a good example to the subordinates. They should be competent in their jobs and have self-confidence to be able to lead and garner the respect of those under his charge. A superior who daren’t speak openly to the face of the subordinates if they are wrong, but blame or critisize behind their backs are un-leaderlike.
Also, a superior who always find faults, but didn’t give clear briefing or guidance are selfish persons, who are trying to cover their weaknesses. Such persons would shamelessly take the credit for the achievements, which are the fruits of the teamwork of the staffs, but wouldn’t hesitate to put the blame when something went wrong. Good leaders will never put the blame on the subordinates, but take the blame instead, as they are more responsible.
There are various ways to make an office or a workplace to be pleasurable and fun place for the employees. The most important is the relationship between the boss the staffs. There must be a friendly, rather than a boss-subordinate relationship all the time. Because the boss deals with the staffs in a friendly manner, the latter should not take advantage. There must be mutual respect and regards for one another. Then only the friendly workplace atmosphere would be sustainable.
Another important factor that contribute to a pleasurable workplace is mutual trust between the staffs. There should be openness. The boss should give attention to what the subordinate have to say or suggest and accept their suggestions or advices if they are plausible. The staffs too must be ready to accept the boss’s decisions if they are right, although it may not agree with their suggestions or advices. However, in most un-pleasurable workplaces, I had noticed that the bosses are the ones who create the bad atmosphere. Most of the times it was their arrogance, contemptuous attitudes, bullying and rudeness towards the subordinates, born of their high positions or ranks that caused the unpleasantness. In my opinion, though they may hold high positions they are not good leaders.
Such persons are also found to please their superiors to the point of shamelessness to get undue favours and privileges. They would press on those under their charge, but would not hesitate to go out of their way to please their superiors. Their moods changed noticeably depending on the situations or place. In front of the superiors they are meek and polite, whereas, when they faced their subordinates they turned arrogant and rude.
I had met some, who used to say as they are officers their orders must be obeyed with questioning. Such behaviours betrayed their lack of self confidence and their inferiority complexes, the two most undesirable traits for an officer to nurture. If an order is reasonable and legitimate there is no question any subordinate would disobey. However, if the orders are not reasonable or illegitimate, they would face opposition. The subordinates have every right to disobey such orders.
Thus for an establishment or an organization to be prosperous and successful, it is important to have a pleasurable and fun workplace. Happy persons are more creative and thus more productive. Apart from the facts mentioned above there are many ways to make a workplace pleasurable. If the above mentioned can be called the mental aspects of keeping a workplace pleasurable, the followings could be termed the material aspects.
A workplace must be clean and tidy and have all the amenities needed to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. In many offices during my career days, only the high ranking officers were provided with air conditioned office spaces, while the other staff members were sweating away in cramped un-airconditioned halls. It shouldn’t be taken for granted that just because they hold lesser positions they are inferior. In the developing countries there are set norms where facilities are concerned, even for those at the lowest level of the hierarchy. There are rules and regulations to enforce the employers to meet those norms.
In conclusion, I would like to emphasize again, the importance of maintaining pleasurable atmospheres at the workplaces. The relationship among the staffs should be based on mutual respects and regards. Goodwills grow both ways. If one gives one’s goodwill but if not responded in the same way would lead to the divide or disunity. Such situations are damaging to the relationships and would not contribute to the productivity or progress of an establishment. They should be avoided at all costs. Those in the high positions should not forget that they are also employees like the other staffs. I had seen many officers became more arrogant and contemptuous as they rose in their careers. They acted as though they were absolute authoritarians. In my opinion such things are undesirable.


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