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June 06, 2018

A lie will go round the world while truth is putting its boots on

  • The world atlas depicted below is the result of data crawling and analysis as to what kinds of news are spreading and how people across the world are saying, concerning the present Rakhine Affairs in Myanmar.
    Red colors represent negative statements and blue ones do otherwise, that is, positive ones. In other words, true news and information are presented by the blue color, with false news and information by the red. These are being released by the whole world and from a country, to be exact, an infinitesimal location called “Nay Pyi Taw” compared to the space of the whole world. News and information which are being released from the two news sources—Office of Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and Information Committee are in fact an incomparable amount compared to the messages sent using the Twitter social networking service.
    While we are releasing information only after careful and thorough scrutiny of the news and double-checking done by the combined team consisting of Tatmadaw and Myanmar Police Force, millions and millions of people across the globe are posting photos and video clips regardless of whether they are real or false, sending e-mails, videos and photos to news agencies. Wonderfully enough, innocent victims—the local nationals who were brutally killed by extremists, had their photos posted in watermark cut and pasted on Twitter as Rs killed by security forces.
    All political parties stand on the right side of anti-terrorism. Some youths in the country were found to have issued statements of denunciation and protest against terrorism. It is a welcome deed. To put it simply, we have a heart-felt wish for internal organizations and institutions to issue similar statements expressing their strong protest against these inhumane attacks of terrorists. At the same time we strongly urge them to do so.
    At such a time our people, out of a wave of patriotism “the Myanmar spirit” in their deepest minds, came to post reports, spreading true news by using the Twitter social network. The local media outlets are also taking trouble to release true news and information such as the ones as to where and who are greatly in need of provisions or under siege. To our great elation and excitement, we are seeing and hearing our people exhibiting so much enthusiasm and unity so much so that we are at a loss for words.
    Yet, those who thoroughly know about the media world know how to exploit and influence it. They tried to put pressure on the authorities by setting up statements released by the Information Committee as news items under the name of the State Counsellor. After reading these, the people came to warn by posting and tagging that it was a shame for the Information Committee to have twittered these photos without really knowing how to use Twitter properly.
    There are many gory photos in which our local nationals were killed very cruelly. These photos are too disturbing to be seen. We chose photos with great care to post with a view not to inflame conflicts on based religion or race. We do not wish to see the violence spread to other States or Regions.
    On seeing the map, true news and information released by Information Committee and the Office of C-in-C of Defence Services, which are all marked in blue color, in the central part of Myanmar is extremely tiny, not reaching one millionth of IT Flow in the whole world. Accordingly, our State Leaders made arrangements for media men from home and abroad to visit the actual places of these horrific events to be able to cover news as soon as possible.
    On the other hand, the United Nations General Assembly, Security Council and Fact Finding Mission are monitoring the situation very closely and eagerly to see when the Myanmar Tatmadaw and Myanmar Police Force would make a mistake.
    Therefore, so as to overcome these situations once and for all, it is incumbent upon us to do what we can without blaming anyone.


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