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February 26, 2018

A good beginning makes a good ending

It is interesting to note that researchers have identified early childhood quality education as critical to the children’s cognitive development in their formative years. This highlights the importance of high-quality teachers capable of setting students on the path to academic and social success.
In this respect, the government, the parliament and civil society should come together to provide the emotional support for teachers to be able to create effective teaching in their classrooms with greater autonomy. There is every reason to believe that effective teaching produces better outcomes for children. It is, therefore, imperative for policymakers to take a crucial step in providing the educators with the training and resources they need.
In the past five years, private schools have been allowed to meet the rising demand for early education. Despite this, the quality they render is not that satisfactory. To ensure effective teaching, the government’s educational bodies need to consider the professional backgrounds of teachers, including their educational training and the years of their experience in the profession.
Thus, the education departments should give careful consideration to the fact that teaching young children is not a small matter. In addition, they should not assign the reform of the kindergarten syllabus to those with higher degrees but with no experience in early children development. It should be noted that experience plays a more important role in teaching than knowledge. As Albert Einstein put it, education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. Now is the time for all teachers to allow our children to think rather than learn facts by heart. A good beginning makes a good ending, after all.


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