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June 09, 2018

68 candidates of Tachilek District ready for upcoming election

 Correct voters’ lists and convenient voting is essential for electorates.
Correct voters’ lists and convenient voting is essential for electorates.

A total of 68 candidates in Tachilek District, bordering with neighboring Thailand, in eastern Shan State will contest for the three Hluttaws in the upcoming November 8 General Elections, according to local election sub-commission sources. The three Hluttaws for which they are going to vie for are Amyotha ( Upper), Pyithu( Lower) and Shan State Hluttaw.
The candidates are individuals as well as from eight parties  including Union Solidarity and Development Party, National League for Democracy Party and several Shan, Lahu and Akha national ethnic parties including the National Unity Party. The significant feature in the district is that the representatives of the seven ethnic groups —  Intha, Akha, Lahu, Kayan, Kachin, Padaung and Lisu including Bamar — are going to take part in the race. Officials set to open 58 ballot booths where about 95000 eligible voters will cast their vote.
The district police station is taking security measures in the town as well as border areas, during the elections. The district election commission secretary and members have toured to the booths of the town and villages to inspect for correct voters’ lists and convenient voting.—(Myint Moe-Tachilek)


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