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July 23, 2019

$ 60,000 profits seen at single pond breeding shrimp in Myeik region

Union Minister Dr. Aung Thu and party visit modern salt-water shrimp breeding station. Photo : MNA
Union Minister Dr. Aung Thu and party visit modern salt-water shrimp breeding station. Photo : MNA

Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Dr. Aung Thu visited a modern salt-water shrimp breeding station owned by Khaing Zinyaw Co., Ltd. in Myeik District, Kyunsu Township yesterday morning. During a meeting with shrimp breeding farmers, officials from the township spoke of the requirements to move from catching fish and prawn in the sea to sustainable breeding, in order to prevent depletion of marine and aquatic natural resources. Officials said they hope to find private investors to create a Myeik region economic force to fund such a transition.
At the hall, the Union Minister was briefed by Department of Fisheries Director General U Khin Maung Maw on the requirements for practicing Good Aquaculture Practice (GAqP) to meet the standards and norms of foreign markets, issuing recommendations, and provisions needed to obtain technical support from Norway.
This was followed by salt-water shrimp breeders explaining about their current work and ways to increase investment.
In response to the briefing and explanations, the Union Minister remarked about including regional development works in conducting business, and to follow rules and regulations when permitted to perform business, along with the requirements to raise the quality of laboratories that inspect for quality and standards of shrimp, since the products are for export. After the meeting, the Union Minister and party visited a modern salt-water shrimp breeding station, cold storage and soft-shell crab breeding facility at Pyae Phyo Tun Company Limited.
One million hatched shrimps bred in a shrimp pond can be harvested within 80 to 100 days, producing 20 to 25 tons of shrimp, resulting in a profit of about US$ 20,000. By breeding three times a year per pond, there will be a profit of some US$ 60,000. Since it is a business with potential in Myeik region, much interest has been raised.—MNA (Translated by Zaw Min)


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