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December 13, 2018

2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 6th regular session holds its 9th day meeting

At the 9th day meeting of the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw’s 6th Regular Session held yesterday, Ministry of Transport and Communication Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo announced the ministry releasing the old Sedoktara airfield land back to the local populace to extend the town land and discussed on systematically conducting this in accordance with rules and regulation.
The Deputy Minister was responding to a question raised by U Kyaw Aung Lwin of Sedoktara constituency on plan for planes to land in the old airfield and to continue using it as an airfield.
The Deputy Minister added that the old Sedoktara airfield is about 3 furlong away from Padaukmyaing Ward, Sedoktara Township, Magway Region and had an earth runway with a length of 2,000 ft. and a width of 100 ft. that was used by Dakota plane.
After 1980 there were no planes landing at the airfield and field maintenance was also no longer conducted. The area of the airfield is about 32 acres. Department of Civil Aviation is conducting maintenance works as a priority for safe operation of aircrafts in 34 airports/airfields including 3 international airports and 31 local airports and Sedoktara airfield is not included in the list of short airfields in the maintained 34 airports/airfields.
The Deputy Minister explained further that Sedoktara airfield is not included in the national transport main project of Ministry of Transport and Communications as well as in the future work programs of Department of Civil Aviation.
Replying to a question by U Kyaw Soe of Bamauk constituency on plan to maintain Hehtan Dam, installing sluice gate and constructing a canal system systematically, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Deputy Minister U Hla Kyaw said Hehtan Dam in Sagaing Region, Katha District, Bamauk Township was built around 1980 by local populace to provide irrigation water to about 100 acre of farm land and supply water to 3 wards of Bamauk Town. In 2013-2014, the dam height was raised, maintenance and construction of a spillway and discharge canal was conducted by the Region’s fund and with the machinery assistance of Irrigation and Water Utilisation Management Department (IWUMD). Water discharging gate of Hehtan Dam was initially constructed with a wooden plank type system and two different water discharge system and canals systems were constructed, a spillway and discharge canal and a sluice gate and irrigation canal. As the water discharging gate was a wooden plank type system, it could not adequately prevent water from leaking out while sediments built up in the canal while some portion of the dam embankment had sunk.
The installation of a sluice gate with gear mechanism, constructing a water control station at overspill and irrigation canal, removal of sand sediments in the canal and raising the dam height would cost an estimated Ks 60 million and it is requested for in 2018-2019 budget year. Once the fund is allocated, IWUMD will provide technical and machinery assistant to conduct that work answered the Deputy Minister together with the reply made by Sagaing Region government.
Next questions by U Kan Myint of Thayet constituency, U Sai Kyaw Moe of Mongpan constituency, Dr. U Hla Moe of Aungmyethazan constituency and U Aung Kyaw Zan of Pauktaw constituency were answered by Ministry of Transport and Communications Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myo and Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Deputy Minister U Hla Kyaw.

Afterwards, U Tun Tun Naing of Kani constituency tabled a motion for the government to settle disputes between original farmer land owners and land grabbers who acquire the land using various permissions with committees to assess cases of confiscated farmland and other lands. With regards to forest it is learnt that relevant ministry aim to increase forest and reserved lands to 30 percent of the country and natural lands to 10 per cent of the country. It is partly correct that the reason for natural forests disappearing is farmers clearing it for farming. But the main reason for the rapid disappearance of natural forests is due to granting of timber extraction, both legally in illegally. In making decisions based on basic principles of section 8 of national land utilization policy chapter 3 for illegal extraction of forest and natural resources without following the policies, rules and regulations of the ministries after confiscating the various lands worked by farmers, for resolving the problem of farmers whose lands were confiscated, the benefit for the public must be given a priority over the benefit of a private company. As for those who obtained permission to work on lands, policies, instruction and conduct of the related ministries are hurting the initial farmers who had owned those lands and would hurt the aim and work of the committee to assess cases of confiscated farmland and other lands.
U Myint Kyi of Katha constituency discussed in support of the motion after which the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker decided to accept the motion for debate and announced for Hluttaw representatives who want to discuss the motion to register their names. Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker then seeks the decision of the Hluttaw to confirm the bill to amend Early Childhood Development Law with amendment after which an announcement was made of the Hluttaw agreeing to the bill. 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 6th Regular Session 10th day meeting will be held on 8 November it is learnt.


Aye Aye Thant


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