December 13, 2017

2015 General Election of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Victorious Region/State Hluttaw candidates and results

No.Region/StateConstituencyVictorious MPParty/ IndependentTotal vote
1YangonLatha-1U Zaw Win NaingNational League for Democracy5083
2YangonLatha-2U Kyaw Min HanNational League for Democracy4670
3YangonSeikkan-1U San KyawUnion Solidarity and Development Party170
4YangonSeikkan-2U Maung Maung ThanNational League for Democracy548
5YangonInsein-1U Thar AungNational League for Democracy53998
6YangonInsein-2U Wai Phyo HanNational League for Democracy47675
7YangonYankin-1Daw Thida (a) Daw Thida MaungNational League for Democracy13862
8YangonYankin-2U Thein ZawNational League for Democracy13183
9YangonThakayta-1U Naing Ngan LinNational League for Democracy43131
10YangonThakayta-2Daw Thet Htar Nwe WinNational League for Democracy38321
11YangonDawbon-1U Han SoeNational League for Democracy10431
12YangonDawbon-2U Thant ZinNational League for Democracy12008
13YangonTamway-1U Hla TheinNational League for Democracy29317
14YangonTamway-2U Thein MyintNational League for Democracy30971
15YangonPazundaung-1U Khin Maung WinNational League for Democracy9311
16YangonPazundaung-2U Tint LwinNational League for Democracy9820
17YangonAhlon-1Daw Yin Yin MyintNational League for Democracy9298
18YangonAhlon-2Daw Nwe Nwe WinNational League for Democracy10700
19YangonLanmadaw-1Daw Aye Aye MarNational League for Democracy8698
20Yangon-2Lanmadaw-2U Kyaw TunNational League for Democracy8485
21YangonKamayut-1U Tin WinNational League for Democracy18640
22YangonKamayut-2U Lin Naing MyintNational League for Democracy10448
23YangonDagon-1U Tin Maung TunNational League for Democracy4549
24YangonDagon-2U Kyaw ZeyaNational League for Democracy3912
25BagoShwedaung-1 U Nyunt WaiNational League for Democracy 29153
26BagoShwedaung-2U Ohn Twin National League for Democracy26740
27MandalayAmarapura-1Dr. Zaw Myint MaungNational League for Democracy48889
28MandalayAmarapura-2U Myint SweNational League for Democracy42906
29MandalayMadaya-1U Maung Maung AyeNational League for Democracy47388
30MandalayMadaya-2U Min MinNational League for Democracy43885
31MandalaySingu-1U Aung Than Tun National League for Democracy28564
32MandalaySingu-2Dr. Kyaw Naing OoNational League for Democracy27625
33MandalayKyaukse-1U Ye Min TunNational League for Democracy41609
34MandalayKyaukse-2U Aung Kyi National League for Democracy35590
35MandalayMeiktila-1U Aung Kyaw MoeUnion Solidarity and Development Party48360
36MandalayMeiktila-2U Soe ThanUnion Solidarity and Development Party45174
37MandalayMahlaing-1U Chit Min TheinNational League for Democracy23596
38MandalayMahlaing-2Daw Thida NyeinNational League for Democracy21299
39YangonMingaladon-1U Tun Tun WinNational League for Democracy40427
40YangonMingaladon-2Daw Thanda MoeNational League for Democracy28728
41YangonThongwa-1U Nay WinNational League for Democracy25174
42YangonThongwa-2U Myo Swe National League for Democracy24087
43YangonDala-1U Shwe Yin (a) U Tun YinNational League for Democracy29297
44YangonDala-2U Htway Tin (a) U Mya TheinNational League for Democracy26144
45YangonKyaukada-1Daw Kyi PyaNational League for Democracy6016
46YangonKyaukada-2Daw Mya Hla SanNational League for Democracy7117
47YangonKyimyindine-1U Kyaw Nanda Aung National League for Democracy19909
48YangonKyimyindine-2U Khin WinNational League for Democracy19707
49YangonHline-1U Kyaw Kyaw TunNational League for Democracy28906
50YangonHline-2Daw Khine Mar HtayNational League for Democracy30681
51ShanHopan-1U Khun Tun Lu (a) U Di KiWa Democratic Party2855
52ShanHopan-2U Yan KyawWa Democratic Party3362
53KachinIngyanyan-1U Zaw Moe NawKachin State Democracy Party213
54KachinIngyanyan-2Daw Ja Sai KhawnKachin State Democracy Party203
55KayahBawlakhe-1U Aye ShweUnion Solidarity and Development Party1463
56Kayah StateBawlakhe-2U Soe ReiUnion Solidarity and Development Party939
57TaninthayiLaunglon-1U Bo HtweNational League for Democracy25660
58TaninthayiLaunglon-2U Myint SanNational League for Democracy19391
59TaninthayiThaketchaung-1Dr Lei Lei MawNational League for Democracy18970
60TaninthayiThayetchaung-2U Wai Wai LwinNational League for Democracy14825
61MagwayYenanchaung-1U Tint LwinNational League for Democracy25448
62MagwayYenanchaung-2U Thein HlaNational League for Democracy26857
63MagwaySalin-1U TarNational League for Democracy46891
64MagwaySalin-2U Thet KhaingNational League for Democracy43296
65MagwayThayet-1Daw Aye Yu MawNational League for Democracy20522
66MagwayThayet-2U Zaw Moe AungNational League for Democracy18124
67MagwayMindon-1U Tin WinNational League for Democracy11564
68MagwayMindon-2U Aye Hlaing OoNational League for Democracy11099
69MandalayMahaaungmye-1U Zarni AungNational League for Democracy37531
70MandalayMahaaungmye-2U Zaw Zaw AungNational League for Democracy57246
71MandalayPyigyidagun-1Dr Chit Ko KoNational League for Democracy29668
72MandalayPyigyidagun-2U Zaw Maung (a) Zaw Maung MaungNational League for Democracy35974
73MandalayTada-UU Min Min NiNational League for Democracy25952
74MandalayTada-UU Wunna AungNational League for Democracy25209
75MandalayKyaukpadaung-1U Aye KhaingNational League for Democracy52018
76MandalayKyaukpadaung-2U Myo Swe OoNational League for Democracy43730
77MandalayWundwin-1U Soe Min HtetNational League for Democracy41768
78MandalayWundwin-1U Aung ThuNational League for Democracy33706
79MonMawlamyine-1U Min Htin Aung HanNational League for Democracy40391
80MonMawlamyine-2Dr Htein LinNational League for Democracy33885
81MonThanbyuzayat-1Daw Tin EiNational League for Democracy14345
82MonThanbyuzayat-2U Tun HtayNational League for Democracy9534
83MonMudon-1Daw Mya Theingi MawNational League for Democracy17763
84MonMudon-2U Naing Kyi Win (a) Dr Min Kyi WinMon National Party12377
85YangonHtantabin-1U Aung Phone Kyaw San OoNational League for Democracy21575
86YangonHtantabin-2U Htay MawNational League for Democracy18723
87YangonNorth Okkalapa-1U Zaw LwinNational League for Democracy48545
88YangonNorth Okkalapa-2U Myint LwinNational League for Democracy56484
89YangonBotahtaung-1U Aung HtooNational League for Democracy7169
90YangonBotahtaung-2U Thet Tun WinNational League for Democracy9575
91YangonKungyangon-1U Mahn Aung Ko MinNational League for Democracy22792
92YangonKungyangon-2U Aung Min MinNational League for Democracy21095
93YangonSangyoung-1U Aung MyoNational League for Democracy17845
94YangonSangyoung-2U Thawda AungNational League for Democracy20306
95YangonBahan-1U Aung Myat KyawNational League for Democracy17420
96YangonBahan-2U Thaung HtutNational League for Democracy16572
97AyeyawadyZalun-1U Lin Naing TunNational League for Democracy27300
98AyeyawadyZalun-2U Khaing WinNational League for Democracy28101
99AyeyawadyLaymyethna-1U Soe KhaingNational League for Democracy17313
100AyeyawadyLaymyethna-2U Soe ThanNational League for Democracy16717
101AyeyawadyKyangin-1U Thaw Zin WinNational League for Democracy19770
102AyeyawadyKyangin-2U Kyaw Myo LinNational League for Democracy19631
103AyeyawadyIngapu-1U Aung Kyaw KhaingNational League for Democracy27776
104AyeyawadyIngapu-2U Bo Bo ZinNational League for Democracy35083
105AyeyawadyNyaungdon-1Daw Ni Ni MoeNational League for Democracy32840
106AyeyawadyNyaungdon-2U Kyaw HsanNational League for Democracy42914
107KayahDimawhso-1U Thein Aung (a) U Sei ReiNational League for Democracy8461
108KayahDimawhso-2U Boss KoNational League for Democracy9192
109KayahShadaw-1U T ReiNational League for Democracy804
110KayahShadaw-2U Hla HtweNational League for Democracy713
111Chin Tiddim-1U Pu Htan Deik KhokZomi Congress for Democracy6278
112ChinTiddim-2U Sun Dok CiintUnion Solidarity and Development Party4866
113MagwayMagway-1U Kyaw HtayNational League for Democracy55709
114MagwayMagway-2Daw Khin Cho LattNational League for Democracy55577
115MagwayTaungdwingyi-1U Zaw Min TunNational League for Democracy45063
116MagwayTaungdwingyi-2U Win Myint HlaingNational League for Democracy42293
117MagwayMyothit-1U Than SweNational League for Democracy28131
118MagwayMyothit-2U Zaw Myo WinNational League for Democracy29020
119MagwayNatmauk-1U Thaung ShweNational League for Democracy42760
120MagwayNatmauk-2Dr Khin Maung AyeNational League for Democracy41634
121MagwayMinbu-1U Kyaw Swan YiNational League for Democracy36568
122MagwayMinbu-2U Nay Myo KyawNational League for Democracy38229
123MagwayKanma-1U Zaw WinNational League for Democracy14104
124MagwayKanma-2U Myint AungNational League for Democracy13201
125MagwaySinbaungwe-1U Tin Maung OoNational League for Democracy19966
126MagwaySinbaungwe-2U Kyaw LwinNational League for Democracy12781
127MagwayAunglan-1U Zaw MinNational League for Democracy44082
128MagwayAunglan-2U Aye KyawNational League for Democracy45549
129MagwaySeikpyu-1Daw Thet Mon AyeNational League for Democracy16755
130MagwaySeikpyu-2U Kyaw Hsan AungNational League for Democracy15531
131MagwaySaw-1U Htin LinNational League for Democracy13718
132MagwaySaw-2U Kyaw MyintNational League for Democracy16250
133MandalayPatheingyi-1U Aung Kyaw OoNational League for Democracy37800
134MandalayPatheingyi-2U Ye Min OoNational League for Democracy35604
135YangonMingala Taungnyunt-1U Hla HtayNational League for Democracy24347
136YangonMingala Taungnyunt-2U Yan AungNational League for Democracy25994
137YangonCocogyun-1U Tin WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party936
138YangonCocogyun-2U Aung NaingUnion Solidarity and Development Party275
139Shan Kalaw-1U Soe Nyunt Lwin (a) U Soe GyiNational League for Democracy24863
140ShanKalaw-2U Than HtaikNational League for Democracy20379
141ShanYwangan-1U Aye Min SoeNational League for Democracy10053
142ShanYwangan-2U Sao Aung Myat (a) U Aung MyatUnion Solidarity and Development Party11000
143ShanLaikha-1U Sai Kyaw Zeya (a) Sai YinShan Nationalities League for Democracy6019
144ShanLaikha-2U Sai Tun AungShan Nationalities League for Democracy7081
145ShanLangkho-1U Sai Aung Myo KyawShan Nationalities League for Democracy4184
146ShanLangkho-2U Sai LonShan Nationalities League for Democracy3914
147ShanNawngkhio-1U Myint SweNational League for Democracy9965
148ShanNawngkhio-2Dr Nyi Nyi AungNational League for Democracy11877
149ShanLaukkai-1U Aung Than HtutUnion Solidarity and Development Party4356
150ShanLaukkai-2U Beyinnel (a) Khin Maung LwinUnion Solidarity and Development Party2879
151AyeyawadyKangyidaunt-1U Soe Moe TunNational League for Democracy26991
152AyeyawadyKangyidaunt-1Daw Khin Saw MuUnion Solidarity and Development Party20742
153AyeyawadyThabaung-1Daw Khin Moe WahNational League for Democracy23401
154AyeyawadyThabaung-2U Aung Aung OoNational League for Democracy18559
155AyeyawadyKyonpyaw-1Daw ThidaNational League for Democracy44074
156AyeyawadyKyonpyaw-2U Mahn JonneyNational League for Democracy37013
157AyeyawadyYekyi-1U Myo NyuntNational League for Democracy35304
158AyeyawadyYekyi-2Dr Hla Myat ThwayNational League for Democracy32462
159AyeyawadyMyanaung-1U Hla Moe AungNational League for Democracy37124
160AyeyawadyMyanaung-2Daw Su Su AungNational League for Democracy38854
161AyeyawadyKyaiklat-1U Kyaw ZeyaNational League for Democracy25944
162AyeyawadyKyaiklat-2U Win Hlaing (a) U NyoNational League for Democracy26870
163AyeyawadyDedaye-1U Than LwinNational League for Democracy28104
164AyeyawadyDedaye-2U Khin WinNational League for Democracy34347
165KachinWaingmaw-1U Win NyuntNational League for Democracy6036
166KachinWaingmaw-2U Nawli (a) Zakhong Kham ReiNational League for Democracy5491
167KachinPakhant-1U H La AungNational League for Democracy7686
168KachinPakhant-2U La SaiNational League for Democracy23014
169KayahLoikaw-1Dr Aung Kyaw HtayNational League for Democracy15653
170KayahLoikaw-2U Tin MyintNational League for Democracy14643
171KayahPruhso-1U Thoe ReiNational League for Democracy2989
172KayahPruhso-2U Khin Maung Tun (Naw Ei)National League for Democracy2780
173KayahPasawng-1U Win MyintUnion Solidarity and Development Party1310
174KayahPasawng-2U Yan Naing SweNational League for Democracy1423
175KayinThandaunggyi-1U Saw Hla MyintNational League for Democracy5483
176KayinThandaunggyi-2U Saw J A Win MyintKayin People’s Party6790
177SagaingMyinmu-1U Thaung MyintUnion Solidarity and Development Party6779
178SagaingMyinmu-2Daw Nilar LwinNational League for Democracy21093
179SagaingBudalin-1U Aung KyawNational League for Democracy25215
180SagaingBudalin-2Dr Kyaw Zay Lin (a) Zay Lin MaungNational League for Democracy24956
181BagoThanatpin-1Dr Saw Nyo WinNational League for Democracy18628
182BagoThanatpin-2U Myo Myint AungNational League for Democracy20093
183BagoNyaunglebin-1U Aung Naing OoNational League for Democracy28622
184BagoNyaunglebin-2U Nyi Nyi HtweNational League for Democracy26960
185BagoKyaukdaga-1U Lin Lin KyawNational League for Democracy34807
186BagoKyaukdaga-2U Kyi ZinNational League for Democracy32367
187BagoToungoo-1U Aye Min WinNational League for Democracy39269
188BagoToungoo-2U Moe Ma KhaNational League for Democracy36801
189BagoPaungde-1U Ye Lin NaingNational League for Democracy26109
190BagoPaungde-2U Tun Tun OoNational League for Democracy28219
191BagoLetpadan-1U Khin Maung YinNational League for Democracy29753
192BagoLetpadan-2U Myo AungNational League for Democracy33459
193MagwayNgaphe-1U San KyuNational League for Democracy11217
194MagwayNgaphe-2U Khin Maung LwinNational League for Democracy10435
195MagwayMinhla-1U Hlaing Myint ThanNational League for Democracy19847
196MagwayMinhla-2U Maung KoNational League for Democracy21891
197MonKyaikmaraw-1Daw Khin Myo MyintNational League for Democracy12451
198MonKyaikmaraw-2U Min Aung MonUnion Solidarity and Development Party9166
199MonBilin-1Dr Khin Naing OoNational League for Democracy17373
200MonBilin-2U Min Min OoNational League for Democracy19056
201ShanPindaya-1U Arkar LinUnion Solidarity and Development Party11592
202ShanPindaya-2U Nyi Nyi (a) U Nyi Lay ChanNational League for Democracy12084
203ShanMabein-1U Maung NyoNational League for Democracy6445
204ShanMabein-2U Min Min TheinNational League for Democracy6942
205ShanMonghsat-1U Than WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party5692
206ShanMonghsat-2U Dah WeidUnion Solidarity and Development Party2967
207ShanMongton-1U Saw Mu LarUnion Solidarity and Development Party4162
208ShanMongton-2U Hsan Win Aung (a) U Aung AungNational League for Democracy6186
209ShanMongyawng-1U Aik Kham HlaingNational League for Democracy6928
210ShanMongyawng-2U Sai Shen Tit LonNational League for Democracy1034
211AyeyawadyPyapon-1U Zeyar Min TheinNational League for Democracy41027
212AyeyawadyPyapon-2U Bo Bo Min ZawNational League for Democracy33379
213KachinMachanbaw-1U Rawam JoneUnion Solidarity and Development Party1095
214KachinMachanbaw-2U Swam Du Naw AungUnion Solidarity and Development Party706
215KayahMeisei-1U Aung Naing OoNational League for Democracy655
216KayahMeisei-2U L Phaung ShoNational League for Democracy725
217ChinThantlang-1U Van ThoungUnion Solidarity and Development Party4744
218ChinThantlang-2Dr. Hmu HtanUnion Solidarity and Development Party4969
219SagaingMyaung-1Daw Aye Myat MonNational League for Democracy22953
220SagaingMyaung-2Dr Kyaw Naing TunNational League for Democracy26023
221SagaingWetlet-1U Maung Maung WinNational League for Democracy40058
222SagaingWetlet-2U Soe Win TunNational League for Democracy46399
223SagaingMonywa-1Daw Amar KyiNational League for Democracy81359
224SagaingMonywa-2Daw Aung KyiNational League for Democracy86146
225SagaingChaung-U-1U Win Myint (a) U Win Myint KhinNational League for Democracy22907
226SagaingChaung-U-2U Kyaw HsanNational League for Democracy21358
227SagaingKani-1U Shwe HtayNational League for Democracy27745
228SagaingKani-2U Tun Tun WinNational League for Democracy30459
229MagwayPwintbyu-1Dr Aung Moe NyoNational League for Democracy34069
230MagwayPwintbyu-2U Tint HsanNational League for Democracy27413
231MagwaySedoktara-1Daw Nyo Nyo OoNational League for Democracy8299
232MagwaySedoktara-2U Tun Tun WinNational League for Democracy8513
233MagwayYesagyo-1U Tin ThaungNational League for Democracy42468
234MagwayYesagyo-2U Min HanNational League for Democracy38590
235MagwayMyaing-1U Thet NaingNational League for Democracy47456
236MagwayMyaing-2U Win HtayNational League for Democracy47365
237MandalayPyin Oo Lwin-1U Aung MinNational League for Democracy25546
238MandalayPyin Oo Lwin-1Dr Khin Maung HtayNational League for Democracy33153
239MandalayMyittha-1U Min AungNational League for Democracy34875
240MandalayMyittha-2Daw Thin Mya Mya ThinNational League for Democracy32856
241MandalayNatogyi-1Daw Nyein Thet NweNational League for Democracy32072
242MandalayNatogyi-2U Sein Kyaw MoeNational League for Democracy27241
243MandalayPyawbwe-1U Tin SoeUnion Solidarity and Development Party45521
244MandalayPyawbwe-2U Myint SoeUnion Solidarity and Development Party39128
245MonKyaikto-1U Wunna KyawNational League for Democracy18843
246MonKyaikto-2Dr Aye ZanNational League for Democracy21112
247YangonTaikkyi-1U Tin SheinNational League for Democracy44148
248YangonTaikkyi-2U Lwin Soe MinNational League for Democracy41829
249YangonSouth Okkalapa-1Daw Thit Thit MyintNational League for Democracy32102
250YangonSouth Okkalapa-2U Moe MyintNational League for Democracy34303
251YangonDagon Myothit (North)-1U Tin Tun NaingNational League for Democracy36279
252YangonDagon Myothit (North)-2U Naing Zaw LinNational League for Democracy37064
253YangonDagon Myothit (South)-1U Nyi NyiNational League for Democracy44877
254YangonDagon Myothit (South)-2U Thein NaingNational League for Democracy46578
255YangonKyauktan-1U Zaw Moe LwinNational League for Democracy26395
256YangonKyauktan-1Daw Thet Thet MuNational League for Democracy20068
257YangonTwantay-1Dr Kyaw Zin OoNational League for Democracy33362
258YangonTwantay-2U Nay Naing OoNational League for Democracy35776
259YangonKawhmu-1Daw Thanda AyeNational League for Democracy27177
260YangonKawhmu-2U Zaw Min AungNational League for Democracy33531
261ShanKyaukme-1U Sai Tun Win (a) U Sai Naw KhamShan Nationalities League for Democracy21136
262ShanKyaukme-2U Sai Tun NyanShan Nationalities League for Democracy19386
263ShanMuse-1U Sai Kyaw TheinShan Nationalities League for Democracy15522
264ShanMuse-2U Kein MaingUnion Solidarity and Development Party7288
265AyeyawadyHinthada-1U Kyaw SoeNational League for Democracy59901
266AyeyawadyHinthada-2U Aung Ko Ko OoNational League for Democracy57346
267AyeyawadyEinme-1Daw Yi Yi TunNational League for Democracy16855
268AyeyawadyEinme-2U Aung Kyaw MyaingNational League for Democracy23678
269AyeyawadyPantanaw-1U San MaungNational League for Democracy36817
270AyeyawadyPantanaw-2U Thant Zin TunNational League for Democracy29763
271AyeyawadyDanubyu-1U Aung Naing TunNational League for Democracy30567
272AyeyawadyDanubyu-2U San HtweNational League for Democracy32730
273AyeyawadyBogale-1U Khin Bo (a) Aung Khin BoNational League for Democracy32007
274AyeyawadyBogale-2U San Min AungNational League for Democracy33389
275KachinChipwe-1U Bi Htaw ZaungUnion Solidarity and Development Party1895
276KachinChipwe-2U Zakhon Yein SaungUnity and Democracy Party of Kachin State (Sa Da Ka)2115
277KachinMansi-1U Min MinNational League for Democracy4446
278KachinMansi-2U Aye MinShan Nationalities League for Democracy4141
279KachinSumprabum-1Daw J Htu NawNational League for Democracy294
280KachinSumprabum-2U Zaw DweKachin State Democracy Party188
281KayinHlaingbwe-1Dr U Tin Win KyawNational League for Democracy20292
282KayinHlaingbwe-2U Saw Chit KhinNational League for Democracy11512
283KayinMyawady-1U Aik Kyan KhamNational League for Democracy10676
284KayinMyawady-2U Thant Zin AungNational League for Democracy10037
285ChinHaka-1U Zo BweNational League for Democracy4885
286ChinHaka-2U Shwe Hti OhNational League for Democracy5126
287ChinTonzang-1U Htaung Kho MangNational League for Democracy2574
288ChinTonzang-2U Paung Lun Mint HtanZomi Congress for Democracy3210
289ChinMindat-1U Aung ThanNational League for Democracy3445
290ChinMindat-2U Teik HtanNational League for Democracy3870
291SagaingKhinU-1Daw Thin Thin KyuNational League for Democracy29665
292SagaingKhin U-2U Kyaw Min TunNational League for Democracy26177
293SagaingYe U-1U Than Nyunt Win (a) U Than NyuntNational League for Democracy22835
294SagaingYe U-2U Myint HtweNational League for Democracy25211
295SagaingDabayin-1Daw Hnin Khaing SoeNational League for Democracy35639
296SagaingDabayin-2U Moe Min WinNational League for Democracy27388
297SagaingTaza-1U Kyaw ShweNational League for Democracy36462
298SagaingTaza-2U Min Lwin (a) U Myint OoNational League for Democracy28971
299SagaingPale-1U Zaw HtetNational League for Democracy30799
300SagaingPale-2U Myint KyiNational League for Democracy23634
301SagaingIndaw-1U Bo Than NyuntNational League for Democracy20812
302SagaingIndaw-2U Than WinNational League for Democracy18206
303SagaingWuntho-1U Zaw Lin OoNational League for Democracy14248
304SagaingWuntho-2Daw Khaing Khaing WinNational League for Democracy9748
305SagaingMingin-1U Kyaw HsanNational League for Democracy15877
306SagaingMingin-2Dr Hsan WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party18329
307SagaingTamu-1U Myint Naing OoNational League for Democracy15337
308SagaingTamu-2U Htan Kho HaukNational League for Democracy8720
309SagaingHkamti-1U Maung TaeNational League for Democracy4890
310SagaingHkamti-2U Thein Hlaing WinNational League for Democracy3779
311BagoHtantabin-1U Khin Maung WinNational League for Democracy16323
312BagoHtantabin-2U Htay LwinNational League for Democracy12004
313BagoPaukkhaung-1U Thet Min ZawNational League for Democracy22077
314BagoPaukkhaung-2U Win NaingNational League for Democracy18141
315BagoThegon-1U Zaw Naing OoNational League for Democracy27121
316BagoThegon-2U Zaw Lin HtaikNational League for Democracy25094
317BagoZigon-1U Nyan WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party12735
318BagoZigon-2U Htoo KhaingUnion Solidarity and Development Party11309
319MagwayChauk-1Daw San San WinNational League for Democracy37557
320MagwayChauk-2U Soe WinNational League for Democracy35750
321MagwayPakokku-1U Han Zaw WinNational League for Democracy61245
322MagwayPakokku-2Daw Zin Ni Ni WinNational League for Democracy59444
323MagwayPauk-1U Aung ThanNational League for Democracy23908
324MagwayPauk-2Daw Myint SanNational League for Democracy29721
325MagwayGangaw-1U Myint ZawNational League for Democracy30805
326MagwayGangaw-2U Aung San WinNational League for Democracy27036
327MagwayHtilin-1U Htay WinNational League for Democracy9387
328MagwayHtilin-2Daw Yin Yin AungNational League for Democracy10335
329MandalayAungmyethazan-1Dr Nyi Min HanNational League for Democracy38872
330MandalayAungmyethazan-2Dr Kyaw Oo (a) Aung Kyaw OoNational League for Democracy46207
331MandalayChanayethazan-1U Aung ShweDemocratic Party (Myanmar)25551
332MandalayChanayethazan-2Dr Soe Than (a) Kyaw Soe ThanNational League for Democracy42275
333MandalayMyingyan-1U Chan MyaeNational League for Democracy56587
334MandalayMyingyan-2U Khin Maung AyeNational League for Democracy58696
335MandalayNgazun-1Daw The Su WaiNational League for Democracy22939
336MandalayNgazun-2U Kyaw Soe NaingNational League for Democracy25593
337MonChaungzon-1Dr Aung Naing OoAll Mon Region Democracy Party9507
338MonChaungzon-2Daw Kyi Kyi MyaNational League for Democracy14475
339MonThaton-1Daw Khaing Khaing leiNational League for Democracy21027
340MonThaton-2U Aung Kyaw ThuNational League for Democracy23383
341MonPaung-1U Tun Min AungNational League for Democracy17679
342MonPaung-2U Zaw Zaw HtooNational League for Democracy17417
343YangonThingangyun-1U Nay Myo Kyaw (a) Nay Phone LattNational League for Democracy38145
344YangonThingangyun-2U Maung Maung Oo (a) U Hteik Tin OoNational League for Democracy41595
345YangonThanlyin-1U Nay Lin AungNational League for Democracy38796
346YangonThanlyin-2U Aung Naing TunNational League for Democracy32011
347YangonKayan-1U Hla ToeNational League for Democracy25621
348YangonKayan-2U Thein Zaw LattNational League for Democracy23414
349YangonMayangon-1U Yan ShinNational League for Democracy35951
350YangonMayangon-2Daw Moe Moe Su KyiNational League for Democracy32328
351ShanTaunggyi-1U Khun Ye HtwayUnion Solidarity and Development Party42742
352ShanTaunggyi-2U Khun Thura AungUnion Solidarity and Development Party45555
353ShanYaksawk-1U Aung Kyaw NyuntUnion Solidarity and Development Party19898
354ShanYaksawk-2U Sai Lon KyawUnion Solidarity and Development Party11407
355ShanLoilem-1U Khun DegaulUnion Solidarity and Development Party9746
356ShanLoilem-2Daw Nang Mya HtweShan Nationalities League for Democracy6837
357ShanKunhing-1U Sai San TunShan Nationalities League for Democracy2522
358ShanKunhing-2U Sai Aung Kyaw OoShan Nationalities League for Democracy5956
359ShanHsenwi-1Daw Nang Khin Htar YiShan Nationalities League for Democracy4588
360ShanHsenwi-2U Sai Sein LuShan Nationalities League for Democracy4454
361ShanNamtu-1U Tin HlaingNational League for Democracy4252
362ShanNamtu-2Daw Nang San HuamShan Nationalities League for Democracy6814
363ShanMomeik-1Daw Yi Yi WinNational League for Democracy8558
364ShanMomeik-2U Swe TheinNational League for Democracy5269
365ShanKunglon-1Dr Myo TunUnion Solidarity and Development Party5450
366ShanKunglon-2U Zaw TunKokang Democracy and Unity Party2205
367ShanKongyan-1U Wai SanUnion Solidarity and Development Party2473
368ShanKongyan-2U Kyauk Tei ChanUnion Solidarity and Development Party2899
369AyeyawadyPathein-1Dr Soe WinNational League for Democracy49619
370AyeyawadyPathein-2U Aung Thu HtweNational League for Democracy50667
371AyeyawadyNgaputaw-1Dr Soe TheinUnion Solidarity and Development Party34193
372AyeyawadyNgaputaw-2U Phyo Zaw ShweNational League for Democracy38587
373AyeyawadyMyaungmya-1U Thant Zaw WinNational League for Democracy44951
374AyeyawadyMyaungmya-2Daw Khaing Zin OoNational League for Democracy38255
375AyeyawadyWakema-1U Htay AungNational League for Democracy34091
376AyeyawadyWakema-2Daw Myint Myint SanNational League for Democracy32477
377AyeyawadyLabutta-1U Kyaw MyintNational League for Democracy37986
378AyeyawadyLabutta-2U Tun HlaNational League for Democracy40831
379AyeyawadyMawlamyinegyun-1U Wai Yan TunNational League for Democracy38278
380AyeyawadyMawlamyinegyun-2U Kyaw KyawNational League for Democracy37237
381KachinTanai-1U La John Ngan SaiUnion Solidarity and Development Party3223
382KachinTanai-2U Zaw WinNational League for Democracy3440
383KachinMogaung-1U Wai LinNational League for Democracy9828
384KachinMogaung-2Daw Mya Thway SanNational League for Democracy13814
385KachinBhamo-1U Aung Thin (a) U Zaw ThinNational League for Democracy16018
386KachinBhamo-2U Tun TinNational League for Democracy11684
387KachinMomauk -1U Nay WinNational League for Democracy2584
388KachinMomauk-2U Sai Aung Latt (a) U Tun SeinNational League for Democracy5684
389KachinPutao-1U Yaw SiNational League for Democracy5746
390KachinPutao-2U Deng Khan Phon (a) Kan LinNational League for Democracy3436
391KayinPapun-1U Saw Myint OoUnion Solidarity and Development Party2647
392KayinPapun-2U Saw Win HteinUnion Solidarity and Development Party2495
393KayinKawkareik-1Daw Nang Thuzar WinNational League for Democracy13682
394KayinKawkareik-2U Min Ko KhineNational League for Democracy9055
395KayinKyain Seikkyi-1U Saw Htoo KapawUnion Solidarity and Development Party4296
396KayinKyain Seikkyi-2U Tin Myo OoNational League for Democracy6835
397ChinFalam-1U Yar HninNational League for Democracy6029
398ChinFalam-2U Salai Lien LweNational League for Democracy5616
399ChinKanpetlet-1U Kwi HtainNational League for Democracy1666
400ChinKanpetlet-2Dr. Ba MaungUnion Solidarity and Development Party1753
401SagaingYinmabin-1Daw Khin Hnin YiNational League for Democracy31616
402SagaingYinmabin-2Daw Aung Mary National League for Democracy26434
403SagaingSalingyi-1Dr. Thein NaingNational League for Democracy31286
404SagaingSalingyi-2U Saw MaungNational League for Democracy26730
405SagaingKatha-1U ThanNational League for Democracy20538
406SagaingKatha-2U Nyi Nyi TunNational League for Democracy31097
407SagaingPinlebu-1U Than HlaingNational League for Democracy17610
408SagaingPinlebu-2U Than HlaingNational League for Democracy19215
409BagoBago-1U Nyunt ShweNational League for Democracy74490
410BagoBago-2U Kyaw Min SanNational League for Democracy74721
411BagoKawa-1U Nyunt ShweNational League for Democracy24062
412BagoKawa-2U Myo KhineNational League for Democracy27894
413BagoWaw-1U Myo KyiNational League for Democracy24621
414BagoWaw-2Daw Yi Yi HtaikNational League for Democracy24198
415BagoDaik-U-1U Than Htaik AungNational League for Democracy30276
416Bago Daik-U-2U Thura ZawNational League for Democracy29684
417BagoShwegyin-1U Win MyintNational League for Democracy12097
418BagoShwegyin-2Daw Hla Hla WinNational League for Democracy10337
419BagoKyaukkyi-1U Sithu LwinNational League for Democracy8314
420BagoKyaukkyi-2U Zaw Min Oo (a) U Tin San OoNational League for Democracy9792
421BagoOttwin -1U Myint OoNational League for Democracy21263
422BagoOttwin-2U Htay LwinNational League for Democracy21188
423BagoPadaung-1Daw Zin Moe HtaikNational League for Democracy23236
424BagoPadaung-2Daw Pa Pa HanNational League for Democracy26553
425BagoThayawady-1Daw Mu Mu KhinNational League for Democracy23075
426BagoThayawady-2U Maung Maung LwinNational League for Democracy21333
427BagoMinhla-1U Aung AungNational League for Democracy21806
428BagoMinhla-2U Aung Zaw NaingNational League for Democracy22690
429BagoNattalin-1U Maung Maung OoNational League for Democracy38870
430BagoNattalin-2U Kyaw Kyaw NaingNational League for Democracy32448
431MandalayChanmyathazi-1U Tin Aung (a) U Tint SweNational League for Democracy47872
432MandalayChanmyathazi-2U Myint Aung MoeNational League for Democracy44404
433MandalaySingaing-1U Aung Naing LinNational League for Democracy31058
434MandalaySingaing-2U Hlaing WinNational League for Democracy27420
435MandalayTaungtha-1U Sein WinNational League for Democracy30614
436MandalayTaungtha-2U Waing Chit AungNational League for Democracy35674
437MandalayNyaung-U-1U Win Myint KhineNational League for Democracy50686
438MandalayNyaung-U-2U Myint SeinNational League for Democracy43504
439MandalayThazi-1U Moe Myint TheinUnion Solidarity and Development Party29115
440MandalayThazi-2U San TunUnion Solidarity and Development Party30369
441MonYe-1Dr Min Soe LinMon National Party12944
442MonYe-2U Chit TinNational League for Democracy20225
443RakhineSittway-1U Aye TheinArakan National Party21809
444RakhineSittway-2U Kyaw Zaw OoIndependant13638
445RakhineYathetaung-1U Oo Than NaingArakan National Party16266
446RakhineYathetaung-2U Poe Min (a) U Bo MinArakan National Party17856
447YangonShwepyitha -1U Yan Aung Min (a) Gay MaungNational League for Democracy54718
448YangonShwepyitha-2Dr Sein WinNational League for Democracy49554
449YangonDagon Myothit Seikkan-1Dr Phyu Phyu Khaing National League for Democracy11637
450YangonDagon Myothit Seikkan -2U Zin Min HtweNational League for Democracy13854
451YangonSeikyi/Khanaungto -1Daw Sanda MinNational League for Democracy4678
452YangonSeikyi/Khanaungto -2U Than SweNational League for Democracy4348
453ShanHopone-1U Khun Maung PhyuPa-O National Organisation (PNO)18761
454ShanHopone-2U San LwinPa-O National Organisation (PNO)16257
455ShanNyaungshwe-1U Tun YinNational League for Democracy27839
456ShanNyaungshwe-2U Thein Zaw MoeNational League for Democracy22209
457ShanHsihseng-1U Khun Hla TheinPa-O National Organisation (PNO)22628
458ShanHsihseng -2U Khun Maung PeiPa-O National Organisation (PNO)23872
459ShanPinlaung-1U Khun Hla HsanPa-O National Organisation (PNO)30093
460ShanPinlaung -2U Khun Saw AungPa-O National Organisation (PNO)38486
461ShanPekhon-1Daw Mary NayoNational League for Democracy8318
462ShanPekhon -2U Angelo National League for Democracy16710
463ShanNangsan-1U Lin Swe AungUnion Solidarity and Development Party 9989
464ShanNangsan -2U Sai LonShan Nationalities League for Democracy7840
465ShanMongkai-1U Sai PanShan Nationalities League for Democracy8392
466ShanMongkai-2U Sai LonShan Nationalities League for Democracy4300
467ShanMongnai-1U Sai Moon LeinShan Nationalities League for Democracy4308
468ShanMongnai-2U Sai Myo MyintShan Nationalities League for Democracy4496
469ShanMaukme-1Daw Nang Phwe Huam OoNational League for Democracy3065
470ShanMaukme-2U Khun Han Thein OoUnion Solidarity and Development Party3898
471ShanMabein-1U Sai NaungShan Nationalities League for Democracy2128
472ShanMabein-2U Sai Aung KhamUnion Solidarity and Development Party1983
473ShanTangyan-1U Sai San SeinUnion Solidarity and Development Party8308
474ShanTangyan-2U Sai Kham Myat Shan Nationalities League for Democracy14544
475ShanMongyai-1U Sai Myint HtooShan Nationalities League for Democracy7660
476ShanMongyai-2U Sai San Phay Shan Nationalities League for Democracy7347
477ShanHsipaw-1Daw Nang San San AyeShan Nationalities League for Democracy21444
478ShanHsipaw-2U Sai Kham AungShan Nationalities League for Democracy26866
479ShanNansang-1U Win Kyaw (a) U Aik MeinTa-aung (Palaung) National Party8985
480ShanNansang-2U Aung TunTa-aung (Palaung) National Party11601
481ShanMongton-1U Thein ZawTa-aung (Palaung) National Party4772
482ShanMongton-2U Ayaing SainTa-aung Palaung) National Party5048
483ShanNamkham-1U Aung WinTa-aung (Palaung) National Party10968
484ShanNamkham-2U Aye MaungTa-aung (Palaung) National Party9683
485ShanMongkhet-1U Sai Wun SamUnion Solidarity and Development Party2310
486ShanMongkhet-2U Ah MeiUnion Solidarity and Development Party973
487ShanMetmang-1 U Nyi Nat Wa National Unity Party2287
488ShanMetmang-2U Kyaka ZawLahu Nationalities Development party1854
489ShanTachilek-1U Sai Sun HsaingNational League for Democracy18658
490ShanTachilek-2U Khin Maung TintNational League for Democracy12192
491ShanMonghpyat-1U Sai Kyauk Union Solidarity and Development Party3158
492ShanMonghpyat-2U Ah KoUnion Solidarity and Development Party2455
493Ayeyawady Maubin-1U Zaw MoeNational League for Democracy43960
494AyeyawadyMaubin-2U Thet Ko LayNational League for Democracy42337
495KachinSawlaw-1Daw Lwan LanUnion Solidarity and Development Party398
496KachinSawlaw-2Daw Khaw Mar WuLisu National Development Party(L.N.P.P)670
497SagaingPhaungpyin-1U Maung Maung LattNational League for Democracy14298
498SagaingPhaungpyin-2U Khin Maung TunUnion Solidarity and Development Party11718
499TaninthayiDawei-1U Khin Maung AyeNational League for Democracy20777
500TaninthayiDawei-2U Ho PinNational League for Democracy23541
501TaninthayiMyeik-1U Phyo Win TunNational League for Democracy47175
502TaninthayiMyeik-2Daw Ye Ye ChoNational League for Democracy43242
503TaninthayiPalaw-1U Kyaw Min (a) U Poe Min National League for Democracy21550
504TaninthayiPalaw-2U Kyi HlaingNational League for Democracy15352
505TaninthayiBokpyin-1U Swe Myint (a) Mahn Swe MyintNational League for Democracy9036
506TaninthayiBokpyin-2U Tin TunNational League for Democracy9824
507BagoYedashe-1Dr Kyaw KyawNational League for Democracy22866
508BagoYedashe-2U Win TheinNational League for Democracy22595
509BagoPyu-1U Thet SeinNational League for Democracy34204
510BagoPyu-2Daw Nwe Ni WinNational League for Democracy28357
511BagoPyay-1U Thet Win HlaingNational League for Democracy46837
512BagoPyay-2U Kyaw ZeyaNational League for Democracy43574
513MandalayMogok-1U Myo Thit (a) U Par LayNational League for Democracy22684
514MandalayMogok-2U Saw Thaung Tin (a) U Thaung TinNational League for Democracy24628
515MandalayYamethin-1U Zaw WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party38520
516MandalayYamethin-2U Kyaw Myint Union Solidarity and Development Party33507
517YangonDagon Myothit East-1U Tin MyintNational League for Democracy31299
518YangonDagon Myothit East-2U Kyaw Kyaw MaungNational League for Democracy25729
519ShanKutkai-1U Aik MoneTa-Arng (Palaung) National Party11323
520ShanKutkai-2U Myint LwinUnion Solidarity and Development Party15903
521ShanKengtung-1U Sai Lone HsaiUnion Solidarity and Development Party9091
522ShanKengtung-2U Peter Thaung SeinUnion Solidarity and Development Party9679
523KayinHpa-an-1Daw Nang Khin Htwe MyintNational League for Democracy32203
524KayinHpa-an-2U Than NaingNational League for Democracy32208
525SagaingKyunhla-1U Kyaw LinNational League for Democracy17965
526SagaingKyunhla-2U Hla PhyoNational League for Democracy18291
527SagaingKawlin-1Daw Phyu Phyu WinNational League for Democracy31140
528Sagaing Kawlin-2U Tin SoeNational League for Democracy30738
529Sagaing Mawleik-1U Bo TheinNational League for Democracy7619
530SagaingMawleik-2U Hlaing MyintNational League for Democracy6375
531SagaingLeshi-1U Kar Si RanNational League for Democracy2324
532SagaingLeshi-2U Ri HtinNational League for Democracy2453
533TaninthayiKyunsu-1U Toe LwinNational League for Democracy22635
534TaninthayiKyunsu-2Dr Htoo Nay AungNational League for Democracy24128
535TaninthayiKawthoung-1U Nay HtunNational League for Democracy13771
536TaninthayiKawthoung-2U Myint MaungNational League for Democracy13187
537BagoOkpo-1Daw Nyunt Nyunt HtayNational League for Democracy21437
538BagoOkpo-2U Saw Thura AungNational League for Democracy24723
539BagoMoenyo-1U Aye WinNational League for Democracy22753
540BagoMoenyo-2U Win KoNational League for Democracy19190
541BagoGyobingauk-1U Aung Ko MinNational League for Democracy20332
542BagoGyobingauk-2U San Myint (a) U Hsan MyintNational League for Democracy21428
543YangonHmawby-1U Aung San WinNational League for Democracy35116
544YangonHmawby-2U Than AungNational League for Democracy28244
545YangonHlaingthaya-1U Win Maung (a) U Oo Win MaungNational League for Democracy53792
546Yangon Hlaingthaya-2U Myat Min ThuNational League for Democracy62767
547YangonPabedan-1U Than Naing OoNational League for Democracy8240
548YangonPabedan-1Daw Soe Pa Pa HlaingNational League for Democracy5507
549AyeyawadyKyaunggon-1Dr Htein WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party21456
550AyeyawadyKyaunggon-2U Khin MAung ZawNational League for Democracy21684
551KachinShweku-1U Tin Oo YuNational League for Democracy10797
552KachinShweku-2U Mya TheinNational League for Democracy11672
553SagaingSagaing-1U Soe OoNational League for Democracy55205
554SagaingSagaing-2Daw Su Myat HtetNational League for Democracy60981
555SagaingKanbalu-1Daw Khin Myo ChitNational League for Democracy36864
556SagaingKanbalu-2Dr Kyaw thu Han TunNational League for Democracy46915
557SagaingAyadaw-1Dr Zaw WinNational League for Democracy32754
558SagaingAyadaw-2U WunnaNational League for Democracy34214
559Sagaing Htigyaing-1U Myint MawNational League for Democracy21343
560SagaingHtigyaing-2U Thein HanNational League for Democracy17659
561Sagaing Homalin-1U Than NyuntTai-Leng Nationalities Development Party (T.N.D.P)20430
562SagaingHomalin-2U Kyaw Htay LwinNational League for Democracy15346
563TaninthayiTaninthayi-1U Aung ThuraNational League for Democracy16518
564TaninthayiTaninthayi-2U Ye Myint SweNational League for Democracy18087
565MandalayThabeikkyin-1U Aung Hsan WinNational League for Democracy25523
567MandalayThabeikkyin-2U Tin Myint SweNational League for Democracy 23600
568RakhinePonnagyun-1U San Kyaw HlaArakan National Party18297
569RakhinePonnagyun-2U Aung Than TinArakan National Party12455
570RakhinePauktaw-1U Tha Tun AungArakan National Party20145
571RakhinePauktaw-2U Aung Kyaw HtweeArakan National Party18514
573RakhineMaungtaw-1U Tun Hla SeinUnion Solidarity and Development Party4153
574RakhineMaungtaw-2U Maung OhnArakan National Party5848
575RakhineButhidtaung-1U Zaw Zaw MyintUnion Solidarity and Development Party7724
576RakhineButhidaung-2U Tun Aung TheinArakan National Party8861
577RakhineYanbye-1U Kyaw LwinArakan National Party11127
578RakhineYanbye-2U Than Maung OoArakan National Party9749
579RakhineThandwe-1U Win NaingNational League for Democracy11907
580RakhineThandwe-2U Naing Kywe AyeNational League for Democracy10875
581RakhineGwa-1U Soe WinNational League for Democracy11084
582RakhineGwa-2U Nyi PuNational League for Democracy11987
583YangonHlegu-1Daw Mya Malar TunNational League for Democracy31769
584Yangon Hlegu-2U Phyo Min TheinNational League for Democracy36205
585ShanLashio-1Dr Lin HtutNational League for Democracy13886
586ShanLashio-2U Aung ThuUnion Solidarity and Development Party17477
587ShanMongyan-1U Sai Hlaing KhanUnion Solidarity and Development Party1164
588ShanMongyan-2U Tin WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party961
589ShanMongpyin-1U Ei Shar HmweUnion Solidarity and Development Party4617
590Shan Mongpyin-2U Sai Hla WinUnion Solidarity and Development Party3315
591Chin Paletwa-1U Kan TintNational League for Democracy6414
592ChinPaletwa-2U Pyay MinNational League for Democracy8489
593SagaingShwebo-1U Moe Kyaw ThuNational League for Democracy43314
594SagaingShwebo-2Dr Myint NaingNational League for Democracy58505
595SagaingBamauk-1U Win ShweNational League for Democracy12366
596SagaingBamauk-2U Nyi Nyi HanNational League for Democracy9434
597SagaingKalay-1Daw Thant Wai KyawNational League for Democracy62454
598SagaingKalay-2U Kam Za MonNational League for Democracy45442
599SagaingKalewa-1U Aung Than KyawNational League for Democracy7911
600SagaingKalewa-2U Maung WaiUnion Solidarity and Development Party8157
601RakhineKyaukpyu-1U Kyaw LwinArakan National Party13185
602Rakhine Kyaukpyu-2U Po SanArakan National Party13412
603KachinMyitkyina-1Dr Khet AungNational League for Democracy25463
604KachinMyitkyina-2U Nay WinNational League for Democracy20805
605ChinMatupi-1U Hun KhenNational League for Democracy5542
606ChinMatupi-2U Wi KawNational League for Democracy5832
607RakhineAn-1U Maung Maung OhnUnion Solidarity and Development Party9545
608RakhineAn-2U Khin Maung HtayArakan National Party9452
609RakhineTaungup-1U Win MyintNational League for Democracy12777
610RakhineTaungup-2U Min AungNational League for Democracy15812
611KachinMohnyin-1U Tin Aye National League for Democracy28232
612KachinMohnyin-2U Kyaw Kyaw WinNational League for Democracy20056
613TaninthayiYebyu-1U Hla HtwayNational League for Democracy17842
614TaninthayiYebyu-2U Kyi SoeNational League for Democracy14008
615SagaingLahe-1U Law YonNational League for Democracy7172
616SagaingLahe-2U Hsar MuUnion Solidarity and Development Party4995
617SagaingNanyun-1U Sein MaungNational League for Democracy6768
618SagaingNanyun-2U K SaiNational League for Democracy6972
619RakhineMyaukU-1U Tun Tha SeinArakan National Party37234
620RakhineMyaukU-2U Kyaw WinArakan National Party30754
621RakhineKyawtaw-1U Maung Hla KyawArakan National Party25252
622RakhineKyauktaw-2U Maung Than Sein (a) U Maung MaungArakan National Party29047
623RakhineMinbya-1U Hla Thein AungArakan National Party22670
624RakhineMinbya-2U Hla Aung NyuntArakan National Party20815
625RakhineMyaybon-1U Aung WinArakan National Party13180
626RakhineMyaybon-2U Mya ThanArakan National Party12840
627RakhineManaung-1U Thame MaungNational League for Democracy5293
628RakhineManaung-2U Boe Nwe National League for Democracy6620


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