September 23, 2017

20 local fishermen to be chosen to learn new fishing techniques in Japan

Fisherman throwing fishing net in the Bago River in Bago, 50 miles north-east of Yangon.

U Win Kyaing, general secretary of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF), said there are about 50 fishermen wishing to go Japan for a three-year programme to learn new fish-catching technology, according to a report on Friday in Myawady Daily.
The Japanese Fishing Cooperative Association will offer modern fishing techniques and related knowledge free of charge to help Myanmar fishermen improve their fish-catching skills.
Under the new scheme, the 50 applicants will take an examination conducted by the Japanese Fishing Cooperative Association, out of which 20 will be chosen. The selected candidates will take the course lasting three years in Japan. The MFF will offer a Japanese language course to those fishermen before their study abroad.
According to the MFF, the majority of applicants are from Yangon and Taninthayi regions as well as Mon and Rakhine states.




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