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February 27, 2018

16 party representatives selected to be included in UPDJC

SIXTEEN party representatives were selected from 91 political parties at a meeting in Yangon yesterday to be included in the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee which will lead political dialogues.
The meeting at the Yangon Region Government was attended by 220 representatives from political parties and delegates from ethnic armed groups.
Four representatives and four advisers from 55 ethnic parties and  three representatives and  four advisers from political  parties from the  mainland were selected by vote.
The four members representing 55 political parties are U Min Ngwe Soe from All Mon Democracy Party, U Zaw Than Myint  from Federal Union party, U Ngai Sark from Chin Democracy League party  and U Mann Aung Pyai Soe from Salon-Sawaw Democratic party while the four from 36 political parties in mainland are U Thu Wai from Democratic Party Myanmar, U Khin  Maung Swe from the National Democratic Force and U Myo Nyunt from Democracy and Peace party.
Nine members were selected directly without voting. Among them, two are from the National League for Democracy, two from the Union Solidarity Development Party, one from Arakan National  Party, one from Shan nationalities League for Democracy, one from United Nationalities  Alliance-UNA, one from Federal Democracy party and one from Nationalities Brotherhood Federation.
Sixteen each were chosen from the government, ethnic armed groups and political parties. All members have been invited to form the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee to lead political dialogues.
A framework for political dialogues will be drafted within 60 days after the UPDJC is formed.  Meetings for drafting the framework for political dialogue are expected to start before 14 December 2015, according to the timeline of the ceasefire terms. Political dialogue is expected to start before 14 January, as it must begin within 90 days after the political framework is signed by the UPDJC.
The Myanmar government and eight ethnic armed groups agreed at the first committee meeting on October 31 that both sides would meet certain requirements within the 30 days after the signing of the NCA on 15 October.
The two sides were set to draw up a political framework within 60 days after the formal signing of the NCA and start a political dialogue within 90 days.




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