September 23, 2017

14 violent attackers, 17 terrorist trainees arrested in Maungtaw

Seventeen people suspected of being violent attackers were arrested as they were allegedly preparing to attack the government troops, which are conducting their area clearance campaign in Maungtaw Township, in the northern Rakhine State.
While undertaking the clearance operation in Myazin village at about 7:45am, the combined team of the government troops and the border guard police found 14 people armed with wooden clubs and machetes at the home of Adul Harmi.
The armed men are Adul Harmi, Marmat Tarlaung, Marbarlaung, Ali Ruma, Saudu Armain, Bawyi Husaung, Nu Arlaung, Bawshi Ahmed, Mutstar Kama, Idi Ras, Sweyaw Tusaung, Shaw Ahli, Marmad Islam, Arbu Arlaung and Nu Husaung. The seized weapons include five machetes three-feet in length, eight knives about 18-inches long, and one three-and-half-foot long wooden club.
Similarly, the team, acting on a tip-off, conducted its clearance operation in Yedwinkyun village in Maungtaw Township yesterday and arrested 17 suspected attackers who had recently completed the terrorist training, authorities said.
They are Muhi Eulah, Mummud Salam (son of Barsarmyar), Mummud Saulein, Zaw Phaw Ahlaung, Ramauk Dullah, Artu Eullah, Rawphe, Swe Thuram, Mummud Salam (son of Mummud Siti), Abu Husaung, Mawlawi Peyu Armauk, Duodena Tamaw, Mikarsein, Rawshi Tarmauk (son of Phwezar Mauk), Rawshi Tarmauk (son of Nardi Hussein), Eidiyes, Mawlawi Mummud Tarmi and Rara Khah.
The 14 suspected violent attackers and 17 men who had completed the terrorist training have been handed over to the Kyeinchaung Police Station and the Kyikanpyin Border Outpost Headquarters in order to take action against them in accordance with the law. The seized weapons were also handed over to the police station.—Myawady


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