September 23, 2017

112 undocumented Myanmar workers arrive at Kawthoung from Thailand

Undocumented Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand return to Kawthoung port.  Photo: Kyaw Soe (Kawthoung)

A group of 112 undocumented Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand returned to the Kawthoung port of entry of Myanmar aboard a motorized schooner yesterday night.
The group was the 12th group of undocumented Myanmar migrant workers to return to Kawthoung from Thailand after a recent immigration crackdown that began on 29 June.
Since that time, 1,617 Myanmar migrants have returned to Kawthoung.
Other Thailand-Myanmar ports of entry are also seeing large numbers of returning migrant workers.
The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, the Region Relief and Resettlement Department and local social organizations arranged highway coach tickets and other travel allowances for returning Myanmar workers.—Kyaw Soe (Kawthoung)


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