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June 07, 2018

10,000 tonnes green gram to be exported to EU

Green gram plantation in Tatkon Township.
Green gram plantation in Tatkon Township.

LOCAL exporters plan to ship over 10,000 tonnes of green gram to European markets in the coming fiscal year, a spokesperson of the Myanmar Pulses, Beans and Sesame Seeds Merchants Association.
The export volume of beans and pulses between 1 April and 26 February this fiscal year reached over 1 million tonnes, generating US$890 million.
According to the Ministry of Commerce, this amount represents an increase from the export volume during the same period last year.
India is the largest buyer of beans and pulses from Myanmar. Around 70 per cent of Myanmar’s total pulse exports went to India in the current fiscal year. However, demand from China and Viet Nam is expected to surpass that of India soon. Myanmar generates around US $ 1 billion from exports of beans and pulses annually.
It is estimated that the export of pulses is likely to increase in the future as the EU has officially accepted exports of pulses from Myanmar.



May Lwin/Union Daily


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