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February 28, 2018

1,000-year-old pagoda in Sagaing needs renovation

1,000-year-old ancient pagoda.
1,000-year-old ancient pagoda.

LOCATED in a village in Katha District in Sagaing Region, an ancient pagoda requires renovations, locals say.
According to a senior citizen from Manpin Village said; “The ancient pagoda was found in a quiet place situated 10 miles from Bamauk Township.”
“It is believed that the pagoda is more than 1,000 years old.”
The estimation is based on the Chaungsone-Nantmawgon Pagoda in the region which is over 800 years old, the elderly resident said.  Currently, locals from those villages have conserved the ancient pagoda as much as they can. They are hoping local authorities will renovate the ancient site as quickly as possible.


Than Maung Lay (Kachinmye)


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